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What Past Clients Thought...


"Laura, Thank you for the breathtaking wedding pictures! We are so glad we spent more than we expected instead of less than we should have spent. I will tell everyone how important it is to invest money in a great photographer. We are speechless as to how amazing the pictures turned out!"

-Julia D.


"I can't thank Laura enough for photographing our newborn daughter. it was such a great experience. Laura was creative and thorough. we were thrilled with the pictures. I would highly recommend Laura and her work!"

-Alana B.


"Laura photographer our wedding this may. i was wowed by her energy and professionalism and creativity in her work from the first meeting. she is passionate about what she does and it comes through in her pictures. my husband and i are not innately photogenic and posing for pictures makes us nervous. it was so easy with Laura to be natural and just have fun. we are so happy with the end results and will cherish the memories captured for many years to come. thank you so much Laura!" 

-Jaime l.


"Over the years Laura has been photo shooting myself and my family. It's been great to see her grow and grow with each photo. She took photos of me with my son when he was 5 months and again when he was one. It never seizes to amaze me how good she does. Every time we learn a little bit more of what she does as a photographer, giving us a greater appreciation for photographers. 
We'd definitely choose her as our photographer again sometime! :)

She's flexible, reliable, very willing, and listens well."

-Fey M.


"Oh my goodness the natural beauty Laura picked up in all my family is beautiful. Leally genuine pictures!!! Well done."

-Vanessa N.


"Beautiful photos. Did an excellent job of my wedding and captured every moment and more!"

-Rebecca J.


"Very Professional! Great Photography and Film work! Well trained."

-Brenda l.

"Laura shot my daughter's birth. Happily, will be forever part of my life.

My wife and I were in doubt about taking photos of such an intimate moment, but the truth is that it was one of the best decisions of my life. Today, I have a bunch of incredible, super sweet and high-quality photos of the most important moment of my life to look every day!

We are from another country and our family wasn't able to be around, so having Laura with us was definitely an extra comfort. She was sweet and helpful every single time, and not just because she is a friend of mine but because this is who she is: a loving person."

=)-Guga, Ro & Luna


"Laura took wedding pictures this summer at our sons wedding. she was there for the whole day capturing everything from getting ready of the bride and groom to the wedding cake being made and everything around it. She did a wonderful job capturing the whole day, the mood, the excitement and the energy of the wonderful occasion. She was very professional and respectful but also took charge of the job she had to do. She was on task and at the right place at the right time and did not miss anything. We all enjoyed having her there and as a result have awesome pictures. I would recommend her to anybody. I see a bright future as a photographer for Laura. she has the eye and the feeling for it. All the best to you Laura for your future."

-Jutta s.


"Thank you Laura for the amazing photos! I love them and they turned out fabulous!"

-Angela t.



-Joey y.


"Laura photographed our wedding. she did a great job of capturing the feeling of the day. Thanks Laura!"

-Alison s.


"Laura' s a very talented girl, and so down to earth. Absolutely book a photo session with her- you won't regret it!"

-Andrea C.


"Awesome girl to get your moments captured by. I have gotten to sessions done with Laura and couldn't be happier with the results"

-Alisha w.