Accommodations in Iceland

Hofn, Iceland

Iceland has different options for places to stay. It will depend on your budget and adventure level what will be best for you. I will be making a list of options in Hofn(where the wedding will take place), Vik and Reykjavik(the capital).


If you want your own space and have things provided for you. Here are a few options. Click the header of each to see more details

A cute guest house

About $97.20 USD

a unique Guest house

About $102.32/night

Hofn hotel

See all hotels in hofn here

About $155.88


If you want to have a more homey feel. Cook for yourself and save money by booking with a group. Plus their cute!

Tiny House for 2-3

About $123.33 USD

2 bR apartment for up to 6

About $248.19/night

The house for up to 8 

Full house for up to 6

see all for 4 people

see all for 2 people

see all for 6 people

see all for 8 people

*I highly recommend this one. Perfect for wedding celebration*

About $395.88

About $398.17/night


4-floor hotel

About $49.95USD

Hotel Centre

About $55/night

 See all hotels in Reykjavik

Reykjavik, Iceland

Alternative option: A Vanlife

Want to do something more adventurous, fun and easy going? You can camp almost anywhere, cook for yourself and save yourself the cost of a rental car and accommodations. The vans come with all you could need including heat and cooking supplies. Here are the best companies I found.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Car rentals

Compared rentals in North America car rentals are pretty cheap. Only about 20-100 euros a day($22-120). I highly recommend getting gravel road insurance. Get a fuel efficient vehicle because gas is pretty pricy($1,70-2.08 USD/Litre).

check out this rental company

Food in Iceland

Iceland is not somewhere you visit for the food. Great view definetly, life changing experiences absolutely. Food no. It's expensive and not very full of taste. You have to keep in mind that it's an island and anything they don't grow or raise themselves needs to be imported. So things like fruit, veggies, beef and alcohol are very expensive. But a few veggies, sheep, goat and fish you can get for a much better price. You can save yourself a lot of money by grocery shopping and cooking yourself if you decide to stay in an airbnb or in a van. Cheap meals are $25-30 per person in a budget restaurant. Below are some budgets but are aaruming that you'll eat out and buy snacks from the grocery story.

Flights to Iceland

I will share a two links below for flight from Las Vegas to Reykjavik or to Hofn. You'll need to check, if you decide to rent a car to make sure you rent it from the right city. The capital will have more options and likely will be cheaper. I highly recommend since you're already flying all the way over that you stay got at least 5 days. The flight is the most expensive part.  

You need to arrive on April 15, 2020 and be in hofn on April 16 for the wedding. 

To hofn

To Reykjavik

When you're looking at flights or any bookings look at them using incognito mode. Otherwise the prices will be more expensive. 

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