You've decided that your commitment was too important to do what everyone else has done and you want a unique wedding that is your definition of a perfect adventure. Elopements bring the focus of a wedding day back to you as a couple, and don't feel like you have to "perform" or to plan the "production" that traditional weddings are expected to be.

Congratulations!! You just made one of the best decisions for your relationship and future together and I'm so honoured you're considering me to experience it along side you, be your elopement photographer and document this once in a life time experience.

Hi loves!

And thank you for deciding to do life differently.  

I promise to put my heart and soul into making your wedding day everything you've always dreamed--and so much more.

This is where our journey begins,

XX Laura 

What is eloping and why is it the best way to get married?

Eloping used to mean: a couple running away in secret, without permission/or the families blessing to get married, cheap, quick with no planning and it was something looked at with shame or embarrassing.

The concept of eloping has changed a lot and looks different for different elopement professionals.

My definition of eloping is: Running away from traditions, obligations and the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all concept the wedding industry has created. It's intentionally planning a wedding day or experience to fit your unique situation and relationship. It's taking away all the wedding planning stress and enjoying every step of the way up to your wedding and day of. It's including only the people who support you and will make your day better and not a single person more. It's taking back your wedding say and making it your perfect day/adventure. It's spending your money on an experience and only what's really important to you and not a cent more. It's having quality time with your fiance and if you want to your closest loved ones.

Imagine the best day or weekend together EVER, that is your wedding experience. Now you might not know what that is yet, and that's okay- I'll help you figure it out.

Some of The best things about Eloping:

-A day or a few days filled with your favorite things, activities, food and people
-No stress, pressure, expectations, drama, obligations or doing anything that you don't love.
-Mid day naps and experiencing the most beautiful times of the day: sunrise and sunset.
-Private vows so you know you won't have an audience and you can be 100% yourself, if you cry no biggy.
-The time to breath, relax, enjoy moments, be emotional, be present and to never rush or stress.
-Create an experience that you both will love planning(with my help) and will enjoy every second.
-No traditions that mean nothing to you and include ones you love or make your own.

Hiya! I'm laura Mohr

You're Elopement photographer + Planner +Adventure buddy

Countries traveled to: 32 and counting

Languages: German, English, Spanish. Next- French+Italian

Previous Jobs: Ranch hand, Server, Bar tender, Server, Cook, Delivery Driver, Event Planner, Nanny of 6 children and Barista

Loves: Nutella, Raspberries, Bread, Carrots, Tiramisu, Gilmore girls, Friends, Greys Anatomy, mountains, storms, star gazing, dogs, adrenaline sports and driving.

I am someone that loves and cares deeply about the people in my life. By hiring me for your elopement experience you are becoming a part of my life and I will treat and care as if you are my best friend. My #1 priority is that you have an incredible experience from start to finish. 
I am so much more than a Photographer: I'll help you plan every details, from your airbnb, ceremony location, wordrobe advice, food and all the little and important details. Then I'll coordinate, guide you and photographer your whole experience. I help solve problems you didn't even know you had and keep things 100% stress free. I'll be your go to girl for everything. 

I'll be getting to know you really well soon so it's only fair I share a little about me with you so a few Fun facts about me: 

"Last December Curt and I decided to ELOPE IN ICELAND. We hired a photographer I had been following on Instagram, Laura, to be our photographer. She helped us plan a
based around our elopement. There was so much behind the scenes stuff that she did for this,
All we had to do was buy our tickets and pack our bags.
Which we did.
And then Corona.
She was quarantined in Peru, and we couldn’t fly anywhere. So Iceland was off.
of rescheduling, re-rescheduling, and finally postponing.
Even with her personal life turned upside down and inside out,
and was upfront with how the virus would affect our plans. She invited us to Canada when we thought the borders would open soon, and then to Peru for a week to hang out and do a photo shoot. And after we just finally decided to do a small wedding here in the states, she offered to send her U.S. associate to photograph it. For free. After she’d been on full lockdown for 5 months in Peru. (I’m not crying, you’re crying😭) She said
She arranged and rearranged plans, so many times, to make our day perfect.
Seriously, since I haven’t actually met her in person yet, I’m not entirely convinced she’s real, or that she’s not an angel if she is real.
Anyway, Morgan (her U.S. associate who is another superwoman) came out and did such an amazing job! She was so thoughtful and really fun and easy to work with.
So, not only did we get the most beautiful pictures in the history of ever, the experience of working with these women... there just aren’t words to express my gratitude and awe for what absolute Beautiful humans they are. I highly, HIGHLY recommend Laura.

What V+C said about their experience with the LMP Team

Why should we have FULL Experience Coverage?

Going “big” for your wedding doesn’t mean a big venue, a ton of guests, or spending all your money. Instead save money by having your venue in nature, have only your closest humans with you and spending your money on an epic experience you'll relive and remember for the rest of your life with stunning photos of every single moment of your day.

So why have a full day or a multi-day elopement? Because your wedding day is just as important and special as a traditional wedding- remembering the whole day is even more important, if not more so.

The best adventures often go on for days or weeks. That’s why I recommend planning an elopement that at least lasts a whole day and having as much of it documented as possible. Photos of your all day-elopement:

-TELL THE WHOLE STORY OF YOUR WEDDING-each detail, laugh, tear and moment of awe.
-GIVE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY A CHANCE TO RELIVE YOUR DAY WITH YOU IF THEY AREN’T THERE- they will feel like they were there with you, it's a wonderful way to include them by showing them your photos when you celebrate with them later.
-CAPTURE HOW YOU EXPERIENCED EACH MOMENT-how the wind felt, how the wild flowers and ocean sea smelt, how you could say your vows through your tears, how incredible the sunrise was, how you squeezed your partners hand tightly because you were just so happy to be here with them and every single in between moment.

When your memories fade, or is you gave a hard day or want a reminder why you're thankful for your partner, your photos will be there, reminding you of the experience you had together when you promised forever to each other. 

Multi-Day adventures + experiences

Spend 2 or more day doing your favorite things with your favorite person. Go on an over night hiking/camping trip, do a 7 day road trip to all the places you've always wanted to explore, go on a weekend ski or surf trip: because when in normal life do you slow down and enjoy each others company and actually be present with each other?

So what I offer is an opportunity for you to experience beautiful moment and get closer by trying new things and being somewhere breathtaking. Life is only going to get busier with work, family, kids(human or furry) and other obligations that your relationship and alone time takes a back seat. 

A multi-day experience is your wedding, honeymoon and your favorite adventure all wrapped into one. What better time to go all out for a once-in-a-life-time experience than for you wedding?

a multi-day elopement experience give you the time to be present, relax and to enjoy each moment. A vacation where you come back married, feeling more connected and in love!

I always find wedding days go by soooo fast that I decided to create a way for the wedding day to last longer. Think about it, you plan it for so long why not make the most of it?

How photography coverage works:

I have created my packaged so that you save a lot of money per day after the first full day, I really love multi-day adventures because

1: They are amazing and really fun
2: The longer we spend together the better we get to know each other and the more comfortable you get with me, I can really capture you as you are, the photos get better the better friends we become!
3: I made the packages cheaper because it's not about $$ for me, I really really want you to have an incredible wedding and I love what I do, so as long as my business and life costs are covered I'd do it for free! I decided to charge as little as possible to help more couples have an unforgettable and true to them wedding adventure.

Basically how coverage works is: Your wedding day is full coverage about 12 hours and the rest of the days are partial coverage. This means I will photograph the most important parts of the days or when something happens I know will be a special part of your wedding story. Trust me you'll have more than enough photos and I'm doing you(and myself) a favour not photographing every moment everyday because you'd have about 10,000 photos, trust me you don't want that! 

In the end you'll have the full story of your wedding adventure captures to keep, share and enjoy for your whole lifetime(I highly recommend getting one of the albums I offer because than you have a story book you can flip through anytime, it's the absolute best way to go through your photos).

12 hours Sunrise + Sunset:
4:30am Start Off-roading
5:30 Change and get ready
6am First look+move to new location
7am Hike to new location
9am Portraits + Explore
10am Breakfast picnik
11am Hike down+stop for photos
12pm Go back to Airbnb: Relax, nap
2pm Make and enjoy lunch together
4pm Board Heli and fly to ceremony location
5pm Ceremony + Portraits + Champagne 
6pm Fly down go to favorite restaurant or have dinner at airbnb with 10 loved ones
8pm Dance under stars, by bonfire and/or twinkling lights- spend night celebrating with loved ones

6 hours Sunrise:
4:30am Start hike
5:30 Change and get ready
6am First look+move to new location
7am Ceremony
9am Portraits+Explore
10am Breakfast picnik
11am Hike down+stop for photos
12pm hugs and goodbyes

5 and 7+ days:
These are perfect if you want to have some days for adventures just for the two of you. For example 2-3 days alone: have chill days together and adventures. On the last day you have your private ceremony day with your wedding attire. Than the last days you spend with your loved ones maybe you have a group ceremony if you want that, or just have adventures together or simply spend quality time together- this is great for the two families to bond.
Multi-days are also great for road trip adventures, you can have your first look, your private ceremony and your family ceremony in different locations + different days.
I'll help you plan this all.

3 day experience:
Day 1: Just you two
Sunrise first look adventure
Rest midday
Sunset ceremony adventure
Chill dinner together

Day 2: With loved ones
 8-10am Breakfast all together
11-2pm Help you get ready
3pm Arrive at beautiful Ceremony location
4pm Unique Loved ones Ceremony: each person has special part of ceremony
5pm Group portraits
6pm Champagne and cake 
8pm Candles and twinkle light long table dinner + Speeches + Dancing

Day 3: Mix of loved ones and alone time. 
Slow morning
Do a Couple steamy/couple boudoir Session: in bed, in shower, in hot tub, in ocean/lake/waterfall or forest/field: connect deeper with each other.
Full day of adventure. Ideas: Heli/water plane, snowboarding, sailing, snowmobiling/seadooing, kayaking, full day hiking trip, zip lining and more.

Example Timelines:

These are just examples to show you how fast the day goes by and how much you can do in a certain timeframe: keep in mind longer hikes or adventures will change timelines. We will plan a custom elopement experience that will be build to fit your location, your style of adventure, if you have guests or not, time of year (when sunset and sunrise are) and your preferences.

You probably have no idea what you want to do or how many days you'll need. Don't worry I will help you figure out what works best for you depending on what kind of adventure you would enjoy, where you want to be, if you want your experience in only one area or in different areas(yay road trip!) and if you want to have guests and how long you want them to be with you. We can also change your package later if we realize you need more time. Don't stress: you just dream + get excited and I'll plan and help you with everything. I got you!

*Heli, 4x4, Sailboats or any other more expensive transportation is extra

-Detailed personal questionnaire for a better experience 

-Customized ceremony+portrait location list(for you to choose from)

-Full planning assistance: Location/area brainstorming, Accommodations, travel plan assistance(flight, saving money+), vendor recommendations, wardrobe advice and more

-Inspiration how to make your wedding unique to you 

-All travel cost(flights, ferries, accommodations and 2 wheel car rental) for photog*

-Constant communication for advice, planning, ideas, questions and more

-Hand-Crafted timeline + Unique activity ideas

-Full photography coverage up to 12 hours and the additional days are partial coverage for 2+ days packages

-Unlimited edited high resolution and social media photos on an easy to use online gallery

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All packages include: 



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BRitish Columbia, Alberta + The Yukon

The rest of Canada

6 hour    -  4000
12 hour   -  5500
3 days    -  7000
5 days    -  9500
7 days    -  12,000

6 hour    -  4500
12 hour   -  6000
3 days    -  7500
5 days    -  10,000
7 days    -  12,500

West of the Rocky Mountains

6 hour    -  4000
12 hour   -  5500
3 days    -  7000
5 days    -  9500
7 days    -  12,000

The rest of The USA

6 hour    -  4500
12 hour   -  6000
3 days    -  7500
5 days    -  10,000
7 days    -  12,500

See what the packages include

Thank you for taking the time to go through my price sheet. I pride myself in what I do and hope you love what I offer.
Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or to talk money with me. I won't be offended if you come from an honest and respectful place. If I'm just slightly out of budget or if you want to do 2 days instead or 3 or 4 instead of 5 and so forth, let's talk and I'll create a custom package for you!
I want to make your wedding experience once-in-a-life-time.

I cannot wait to talk to you more and figure out what is just right for you!

Much love,

XX Laura

Elopement Experience Packages