Do you want the best wedding photos in the world? Of course! 

What I need from you…

I need to get to know you. I don’t want to just slap my idea of a good photo on a person that I don't even know. I want to create something for you that is truly YOU. The better I know you the better I can capture your essence as humans and life partners. 

I've spent years discovering what I love about photography, building my craft + style and what I want to do with it, and what it ultimately comes down to is connection. 

I want you to feel everything, and not care about how perfect it needs to be. 
I want you to feel connected to your people, to not worry about whether or not I am taking good photos. I want you to be present. To enjoy your moment. With your people. It makes for the best photos in the world. 

Trust me, 10 years down the road you will realize how important it is to make it about you and your people and not fall into the trap of wedding productions. Do whatever will make you happy + have the best day ever! Don't worry about what the traditions are or what anyone says you should do. At the end of the day they will forget and you will remember this day for ever, and how it feels matters.

I specialize in small, intimate weddings + elopements of 150 people or less. If you want to make a whole weekend out of your wedding day, or take a trip to a beautiful place to say your vows, I would be so incredibly honoured and excited to be a part of it. 

If this is you, if you want to forget the production and plan something adventurous, meaningful, intimate, and amazing, email me and we'll plan something special together!

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This is important...

I want those spontaneous, exhilarating moments where you stand outside in the wind+cold to say your vows and get everything soaking wet + muddy because who cares, you are getting married!

Please allow 48 for me to respond incase I am traveling and out of service or unable to get to wifi. If I do not respond please reach out again, because my mailing service must be down. 

For other inquiries, or if my form is not working, you can email me:

Before you reach out there are a few things I want you to check out to make sure we are on the same page. 

Check out:

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Please take some time while filling this out to tell me as much detail as you can. It helps me get to know you and envision what your day could be like. 

If you resinate with my work, no matter what your day is like I'd love to hear from you.

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