Sitting fee $500

Portraits are so important for remembering this moment right now, whether it be a special occasion or just updated photos.

Help your children feel a sense of security, love and being wanted when you display portraits of them in your home. 

Lifestyle sessions

Family and children


Engagement/Couple Session


It's time to talk about the nitty gritty...


Destination Wedding

confidence-building + self love

Boudoir is a fantastic gift either for yourself, your partner or both. It's like going to the spa but the effects last longer than just a few hours. You walk away feeling pampered, confident and in love with who you are. 
Get a cute outfit and we'll do the rest; hair and make-up  are included. 
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Sitting Fee $500

Fresh 48 Hour Story

Lifestyle session of your brand new baby in the first 48 hours. Invite me to the hospital or home as soon as baby is born and I capture you bonding, siblings meeting the new baby, first breastfeeding, first bath and more! It's the best way to document the precious first hours of your little one's life.


-On call after 38 weeks
-Can Add Mini Newborn session at home 

Lifestyle Newborn Session

It’s so important to capture those first days while you are all new to this, while your little one is still littler than you can believe, while all the little features are still squishy and baby is still sleeping lots.These moments are so precious and will pass by faster than you can imagine. With the stress and sleep deprivation you will have a hard time remembering those little moments that happen now and I guarantee you will not be able to recall how tiny and squish your baby is now. 

Sitting Fee $600

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It is so important to pick a wedding photographer that you enjoy spending time with, that makes you feel comfortable and that clicks well with you. After all you and I will be spending the most time together on your wedding day!

The perfect way to get to know each other and learn how it feels to be in front of my camera. 

These sessions are an experience. We could go in on a hike deep into the mountains, go waterfall hunting, spend a day doing your favourite things, we could even go to an amusement park or wander your favorite part of your city. If you want something more intimate we could do a cozy/sexy/fun in home or intimate session.

If you love me a part of the your engagement session will be subtracted from your wedding package!

Whether you are saying "I do" just the two of you on a mountain top in Ireland, your closest friends and family gathered in a little cabin by a lake or a small ceremony in a meadow I'm your gal!

I adore simple, detail-orientated and intimate weddings that are all about the love and relationships you and your fiancé have built together. I'll be there for the belly laughs, happy tears and looks of awe, I'll be there for the little looks, promises and a future filled of adventure. Capturing your next step into forever, to have and hold for the rest of your lives. 

My ideal weddings are 150 guests or less, but if you really love my work and want me to be a part of your special day contact me anyway, I might make an exception. 

If you feel like I am out of your budget but you absolutely love my work please reach out reach out to me! We can adjust a package that fits you!

SItting Fee $500

Wedding PACKAGES STArt AT $3000

Custom packages available for smaller budgets

Just the two of you and only your near and dear. Usually 3-6 people. Maybe up in the mountains after a 5+ hours hike. Maybe in New Zealand, Greece or Chile. Maybe in your grandparents lake cabin. A few hours of love and adventure and breathtaking views for beautiful portraits of you and your love. 

A great way to cut down of wedding costs and to ensure that the people who come to your wedding really want to be there. In tropical Costa Rica , on a windblown rocky cliff in Iceland or culture-rich Spain each has amazing adventures and fun for everyone who comes to witness your special day. 

Packages start at $1500 on weekdays +$2000 on Weekends

Packages start at $2000 + Travel costs  

"Right now you are the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be"

If I could I would do your wedding or session for free; unfortunately, I got bills to pay!

These are just starting points, there are endless possibilities, so don't let  numbers scare you, I understand that not all weddings are the same. Let's create something unique AND SPECIAL.

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