I know it is overwhelming to find the right photographer, there are so many variables! But I want you to make sure who ever you pick is the right fit for you, as you after-all will spend more time with them than anyone else on your day, even you fiancĂ©. It's so important that you love + connect with their photos and enjoy spending time with them. 

I am not right for everyone. It's okay! I won't be a fly on the wall, I am not just another vendor, our relationship won't start and end on your wedding day and you are not another number on my list. 

I'm energetic, yet calm. I love to dance and sing and have fun at your wedding. I love to get to know each member of your family, laugh with your bridesmaids and joke around with your groomsmen. 

I love small weddings that are all about the most important people in your life celebrating one of the best days of your life. Weddings that are focused around people, relationships, emotions in beautiful places; if the is a meaningful place to you even better!  Whether you're eloping by flying into the mountains by helicopter, having a small ceremony with just a few people on a windy cliff or having your closest friends + family coming together on your parents farm; I'm excited to hear your dreams. 

My focus is to connect with couples who value the importance of photography and want to create something special that evokes emotions when you see your photos years down the road. People who aren't afraid to get their clothes a bit dirty or do a little hiking to get an epic shot. 

I place so much value on this beautiful world, loving this incredible life we get to live and I hope you do too. I like working with people who trust me and I want you to be able to relax and fully enjoy your wedding day knowing that, I got this.

If you want to have fun, dance wildly, love deeply, explore spontaneously, live abundantly and remember it all for years to come: I'm the one for you. 

I photograph your moment with your future children, grandchildren and all the people who can't be there in mind.

My goal is to bring out your joy, personality, laughter and life as you are together. 

I celebrate love in all of it's diversity and am committed to serving all couples regardless of background, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation...

Love is Love. 

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