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Year round up// Laura’s Favorite Instagram Post from 2019// Adventure Wedding and Elopement Photographer in Vancouver

January 8, 2020

I’ve seen a photographer do this and I loved this idea so here’s my version.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I love looking back over the past and seeing what I’ve learned, what has happened, how I’ve changed, how thankful I am for the experiences I’ve had. So New Years, my birthday and anniversaries like when I bought Phay(my Van), when I went full time and more are my favorite time to reflect.

So here I’ll share all my favorite posts from 2019 and their captions. I hope you enjoy ❤️

A couple on a moody beach

January 4, 2019 -Burlington, Washington

Hello from Washington state! I’d hoped to make in to Portland last night but this trip is already teaching me patience and to take my time. –

Yesterday everything took longer than it should have and so by the time I made it to Bellingham it was already 7pm. I decided to drive until 8:30/9 and then stop for supper and the night. But about 40 minutes outside of Bellingham I realize that I’d left my lock at a gas station in Bellingham. –

So I turned back around and retrieved it. At that point in was 9:30 and I called it quits. So I explored the out skirts of the city and got into some really nice neighbourhoods, looking for a place to stay. –

Then I spotted the ocean and decided I’d like to wake up with an ocean view. Alfred many turns, turn arounds and about 30 minutes of exploring I came to a little state park and found a large parking lot. I called this spot my home for the night and made myself a yummy dinner while I enjoyed the episode of “The crown” I’d downloaded(I’m actually watching Outlander but it’s not available in the US 🤦🏼‍♀️ so the crown it is). –

This morning I woke up the most beautiful view(look at my story). I had breakfast, cleaned up and planned my day. Now I’m on the hunt for a US SIM card and plan(someone recommended a company for me so I’m headed there now) and then I’m off to Portland for the day and night. Very excited! –

Anything I should definitely see in Portland? Any favourites views, live music, food or clubs/bars that are must-sees?

A black girl laughing while laying down inin nature

January 5, 2019 – Seattle Washington

Today marks 1 week without an apartment. 1 week on the road and 1 week living in this Van. –

So far it’s been great! I’m really loving it. –

This week we were on 8 Ferries, drove about 400-600km, I slept in her 6 times, cooked in her 4 times and have been to Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver, Bellingham, and Seattle. –

Last night I decided to call it quits in Seattle and I met up with a friend who took me out dancing. We had a blast and stayed out late. Yup we didn’t make it to Portland yesterday, things take a lot longer than expected. But I’m glad I didn’t cause last night was so fun and worth it! Now we have to head out to Portland. –

Getting a set routine and getting work done productively has proven challenging. Something I need to work on. I’ve loved sleeping in this Van and waking up somewhere new everyday. I love cooking in it, though last night I cooked garlic and I still smell it this morning(I have a cooking vent/fan but it’s still lingering) so I’ll need to air out today. I’ve figured out a good morning routine and figured out the ins and outs of most parts of the Van. I feel very comfortable in her. So now I just have to get a routine for working and being productive and then we’re golden! –

Yesterday I also got a US number and a plan and it’s been amazing!! Also it’s sooo cheap! I have unlimited call, text and data for $40 😲😍. It’ll save me a lot of time looking for wifi all the time! –

Now I’m gonna make some breakfast, do my dishes and then I’ll drive to a truck stop to shower(I’m using the app called All stays and it tells you where you can park, where you can shower, where you can fill up propane, which Costco’s have fuel(tip: they have the cheapest fuel by far!) and all the handy things!). Here’s for another adventure, another day.

Mixed couple going for a walk in Brussels fall forest

January 6, 2019 – Portland, Oregon

Happy Sunday from Portland!! Yes, I finally made it. –

After telling my dad that it was taking a lot longer than I planned he replayed:
“Awesome, just like a road trip is supposed to be, going with the flow rather than a fixed plan. Good for u!!”

And I couldn’t agree more. I’m actually loving these unplanned stops and what might happen. I think I need it as someone who plans everything I need to let this road trip happen on its own schedule. It’s been so much fun so far! –

Today I’m going to spend some time getting some work done(hopefully) I’ve been so bad with that the last few weeks. So for those of you waiting please be patient with me as I adjusting this new lifestyle! –

I’m on the trek to Boise Idaho today but will not make it on one day most likely. So I’ll be there tomorrow or so. Does anyone know anyone in Boise? I’m looking to do some adventure and a cute/cuddly/sexy indoor home couple session. Tag them or connect me with them!!

A naked woman in a forest

January 8, 2019 – Twin Falls Idaho

Good morning from Twin Falls, Idaho! Last night when I arrived here I started chatting with the bartender who was serving me my dinner and we got along so we decided to hang out today. We will be going for breakfast and then doing a session together while exploring her town. –

We were talking about our careers and she told me that she wants to be a chef and own her own/run kitchen one day. About how she’s gotten job offers(because she’s an amazing cook) but she’s been too scared to take them. Her dad raised her to always take the safe route. It got me thinking:

It got me thinking how many people don’t do what they know they want to do because they’re scared to do the unconventional thing, they’re scared to fail and scared it won’t be right. I get those fears. I have them too!

🌎I did this when I decided to travel solo through Europe for 6 months. 🏙When I moved to Vancouver without a job, a place to live or without knowing anyone. 📷When I went full time with my photography. 🚐And when I decided to do this lifestyle change and give up everything. –

What’s the worst that can happen? And if that happens what will I do? How can I beat prevent that? What is the best that can happen? What if it’s amazing and better then I imagined? What if I succeed? –

And the final question I always ask myself before doing anything is: Will I regret it more if I do it and fail(and learn) or will I regret it more if I never try and always wonder what if?

We only have one life, or at least as far as we know. And we can not waste it! Sitting around watching Netflix or scrolling Instagram wishing we could have the life someone else does. Guess what you can! You can live the life you dream of and wish for. You can travel, start your business, meet your dream person or whatever else you wish. But you have to let go of the comfort a little and then a little more. And know that if you fail you can get back up again and try again! –

I don’t see failing as a bad thing. Failing is just a stepping stone to succeeding. So let’s go fail! And see what potential lies within you! You can do anything you want!

A girl sitting on a road in front of snow covered mountains

January 10, 2019 – Salt Lake City, Utah

Heyo it’s me Laura!! For the new faces around here I’m the chica behind the lens. I’ve been traveling south in my Van, Phay, for the past week and loving every second of it. Yesterday i spend the day by these mountains and my souls was crying with joy! –

Some fun facts about me: ⛄️I’m an introverted extravert. Which means I love hanging out with people and the right people give me energy. But the wrong pull me so down that I need to just be alone. I’m also really good at and enjoy being alone. I love reading and writing and driving and dancing and singing all alone. ⛄️Which brings me to the second fun fact. If music comes on that makes me want to move(which is a lot of music) I will start dancing, doesn’t matter where I am. In my car, in my kitchen, in the grocery store in the mall or in the middle of the street. I take the phrase dance like no one is watching very literally! 😂 ⛄️Which brings me to another point. I also take YOLO, life’s too short not to be happy and live life to the fullest, all extremely literally. I have recognized from a very young age that I only have 1 life, which goes by very fast. So I do everything in my power to do whatever my soul craves, what ever makes me happy and what ever makes me passionate. I’ve traveled, so far, to 20 countries & +4 this year(and my life goal is to go to every country in the world), have nannied 6 kids for 6 years, have run my photography business for 7 going into 8 years, have worked more than 10 jobs because I love learning how things work and knowing the inside scoop and so much more! I have a bucket list about a mile long(I had to use a mile cause I’m in the States now 😂) and I plan to achieve it all. ⛄️People tell me I have too much energy. But it’s worked great for me. Helps when I work with kids to play along with them. At weddings to rangle all the happy sometimes drunk humans and in life to enjoy everyday. I’ve never really been drunk or needed to be high to have fun, even when I go out. I always say I’m high in life I don’t need it!

That’s a bit about me! –

Challenge: Can you find the lens cap? Comment “I found it, Laura!” below when you do + don’t tell anyone! 👇🏼👇🏼

A woman standing in front of a waterfall in a black swim suit

January, 12, 2019 – Flagstaff, Arizona

Hello from Arizona! I went a bit MIA because I drove 12 hours yesterday to get from Salt Lake City to Phoenix and then to Flagstaff where l’ll be for the next week for a workshop. I was up at 5am and slept only 3 hours. Needless to say today I was tired! –

Yesterday I picked up @jaciberko from the airport and we drove to Flagstaff together and stopped on the way to shoot the gorgeous desert landscape. I’m the evening we met up with @kimkayephotography_ and @rebeccaedohl at their Airbnb. –

This morning we were up at 5am to catch sunrise at Horseshoe bend. It was so beautiful. At 9:30 we headed up to Antelope Cannon for our photo tour. Wow that was really breath taking. Now we’re headed back to the Airbnb to rest and eat before heading out to catch sunset at the south rim of the Grand Canyon. What a day! I’m so excited to share the desert goddess sessions I’ve been doing. It’s so different and sooo good! What a great start to this workshop with wonderful ladies.

A couple embracing on their wedding day

January 16, 2019 – Sedona, Arizona

Me: “Oh look a workshop in Arizona! That will be nice to be nice and warm and maybe get a tan.” Books workshop

Drives down over 2500km(1500 miles) to Flagstaff Arizona.
It starts snowing

Now: I’m dressed in warm sweaters, scarves, a hat and trying to stay warm.
Definitely not what I expected when signing up for a Arizona workshop. –

The other thing I didn’t expect was how much I would full-heartedly enjoy this workshop. How much I’d get inspired. How many wonderful humans I’d meet. How many times I’d try in a 24 hours period. How beautiful Arizona would be. How much I’d love being in this environment. –

Long story short this week has been amazing so far! I’m feeling rejuvenated and finally truly excited for what is in store for this year for my photography. I’m ready to dig in and create an amazing year for myself and for all the people I get to interact with! –

Shot at @katihoy workshop in Sedona Arizona.
Photographer: @littlemohrphoto
Workshop: @katinworkshops
Design & Styling: @rainandpines
Florals: @moelleux_events
Dress boutique : @lovelybridephoenix
Dress designer: @ruedeseinebridal
Calligraphy: @wanderingscript
Models: @ashleygrutza @dgrutza

A naked couple embraces in the dark

January 19, 2019 – Phoenix, Arizona

A bit of steam to start up your weekend. I hope it is as warm as I am here in sunny Phoenix ☀️😍

So for the last 2 weeks I’ve been taking an intentional break. As a business owner it is so extremely hard to take breaks because even when you’re taking “time off” you’re constantly stressing and thinking about what you should be doing. It’s nearly impossible to actually feel rested. During a much needed talk with my dad he convinced me to take a proper break so I can finally feel refreshed and enjoy my first couple of weeks as I get used to living in the Van. So I decided that I’d do no work except Instagram until after my workshop. Yesterday was the day I started and today is my first full day of work. –

It’s so hard to let go and let yourself relax when you know there is more you should do. I knew I needed it so bad and hadn’t taken an actually physical and mental break probably all year. –

So now I’m feeling so good, full of energy and ready to get back at the grind. But this time I’m doing it smarter. –

This time I am gonna work smarter not harder. No longer will I do endless days of work without a break. I will work 7-8 hours a day. Set a timer(which is currently running) that will let me know when its time to stop, and I’ll pause it when I’m taking a break or have to do something none work related. When the timer is going I will be very strict with myself and not do anything none work related. I will also make sure I do 1 task at a time to make sure I’m productive. Let’s see if this works! –

Today I’ve been editing and will finish a couple more sessions before I send them off, answer emails and then start working on updating and refreshing my website. Here goes nothing!

A couple laughing and laying together outside

January 21, 2019 – Moab, Utah

Today you are alive. And as long as you’re alive you have the choice to make this life what you want. You have the chance to change. –

You’re privileged enough to have woken up today with a roof over your head, with food to eat and to breathe clean air. Many on this exact same planet, who are exactly the same age and think the same as you, don’t have that privilege. Be thankful for your life and don’t waste it! Even better love the best life possible so that you can help that person who has less than you. –

Breath that breath, wake up and smile because you’re alive and well. Make today count. –

Learn. –



Be thankful. –

And make thankfulness an action, not just a thought.

A couple embracing and laughing on a winter day

January 22, 2019 – Portland, Oregon

I read a sign in the Portland library a few weeks ago that I loved and I want to share it with you now because it applies to my business and here also:

We welcome

All Races
All Religions
All Countries of Origin
All Sexual Orientations
All Genders
All Abilities
We Stand by you
You are safe here. –

All I ask is that we love before all else. That we think before we speak/comment: is what I’m saying going to make this person feel good or bad, encouragement or discouraged, loved or hatred, lift their spirit or break it, raise their self-esteem or lower it?? If the answer ever is the later of any of these, your comment is not welcome. If any hate is ever spread in this community that I am building I will report you and block you. It is under no circumstances accepted here. –

I also ask that if you are sensitive about something and someone says or posts something that offends you, please take a moment to think before getting angry or defensive. Did they intentionally try to hurt you? Or did they say it without knowing better? Out of ignorance or out of simply not understanding? Be kind to them, they mean you no hard. Take a breath, let it go, or take the time to privately message them and, with love, and positivity educate them. Let’s all make an effort to not let others actions or words offend us and I promise you that life will be easier and less stressful. –

Lastly, if I post something that offends you, or hurts you in some way. Please do not report the post. Someone out there needs to see it, hear it or feel it. If more than one post does it and it bothers you extremely, please simply unfollow me, I won’t be offended I won’t be hurt. Please do not report my posts. They are posted with love and with positive and loving intentions. And that will hurt and offend me. If something bothers you so much or hurts you please feel free to send me a message kindly and lovingly explain your concern. We can talk about it like adults and maybe I or you are missing the point or something that should be addressed. –

Happy Tuesday my loves. ❤️

A bride with blond hair and a groom with a hat embracing on their wedding day

January 24, 2019 – Bend Oregon

People are often unreasonable and self-centered.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives
If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies
What you spend years building someone can destroy overnight
if you are honest, people may cheat you
If you find happiness, people may be jealous
The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow
give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough
For you see, in the end…

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason doesn’t benefit you but can be so good for someone else. –

Yesterday I locked my keys inside my Van and 3 hours and $138USD later I was in my Van and driving to the Starbucks that I wanted to work at. –

About 30 seconds after I was wondering what the purpose or reason was for that I got rear-ended! Luckily I drove a tank and she has no damage. The man told me his brother she just died and he was daydreaming. Since there was no damage except a couple of scratches I let him go and wished him well. –

Later it dawned on me that if he’d rear-ended someone else there would have been a lot of damage and they wouldn’t have been so understanding. So I was 3 hours late for my day because he needed to hit me so he didn’t have one more bad thing happen to him this week. And maybe it woke him up enough to be able to move on a little. –

So in that way, I can let that be worth the cost it costed me to help this man have his week be a little bit better. –

So when we do things or things happen to us, remember there is a reason, even if we can’t see it! Trust that life’s got your back and nothing happens by accident!

See my story where I’ll explain the incidents with more detail.

A couple leaning on an orange Jeep in winter

February 3, 2019 – California

Man, I’ve been working so hard on my new website, (which by the way will be launched tonight or tomorrow, freaking stoked!) and I did my portfolio section yesterday. Going through all my work from the last 2-3 years and picking my absolute favorite/best photos of my career has been a huge confidence boost. Wow honest, I am stinking proud of myself and my work. When I think about where I started and where I am now I’m incredibly thankful for my journey and where I am today. –

As you know social media and watching all these incredible photographers do their thang it’s so hard not to get down on yourself. You want to produce more work, better work. You want to travel more and have more epic clients w/ rad weddings. You want to change your editing and hate everything. I think we all feel that. No matter how amazing your work is there will always be someone better someone doing something more creative and more beautiful. –

If you compare yourself to other artists or people no matter what you do your life and work will seem insignificant. But if you compare yourself to your past self. Your work to your past work and your journey to where you came from: Guess what?! You realize your life and work is pretty BOMB! You’ve worked so hard, changes so much, grown as a person and you are better today than you were before. Then all of a sudden you feel happy and content. Your inspired and ready to keep producing more great work and to do your thang and not worry what others are doing. –

I know this because that’s where I’m at now. And it’s an amazing experience to be happy with myself. –

So if you’re struggling with loving your life/work/journey or anything about yourself I challenge you to go through old pictures/memories/posts and just remind yourself where you’ve come from. I know you have changed and grown, you’ve learned from life’s lessons, your stronger and smarter and more resilient. You have done amazing things and I promise you’ll see it if you compare yourself to your past self. –

What’s one thing you are damn proud of yourself for? Tell me below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

A black and white photo of a bride and her horse

February 5, 2019 – Idaho

Obsessed with couples that do things differently. Want to do something that fully represents you? Do something none traditional? Maybe you want to elope or do something small and simple? Let’s make a beautiful day of it! Go to your favourite place, or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Take you dog, cat, horse with you? Have just your family there or your best friend or maybe just you and your fiancé? We can make it unique and special. Contact me and we can plan something perfect for you! –

If there is a horse, wind, a cliff, mountains and or a non-traditional dress you know you’d make my heart happy ❤️

I want to hear what you did on your wedding, or if you’re not married what would be your dream wedding? Tell me below!! 👇🏼👇🏼

Girl sitting at horseshoe bend

February 16, 2019 San Fransisco, California 

Just me chilling on the edge of the 2000 ft cliff of horseshoe bend: thanks @jaciberko for this fun pic! –

Yesterday was so fun! I finally got to see the famous Golden Gate Bridge, saw the palace of fine art, went to twin peaks to see the view over San Francisco and got to take Phay up San Frans steep hills. I had the best guide @kharizaraephoto, she even took me to a Salvadorian restaurant and then we went dancing to end the night! She likes to kill the dance floor just like me! This morning we went to her moms Zumba class, so freaking fun! –

Not at all what I expected when coming here. And as always it was all beyond expectation. That’s the best part of traveling, not knowing what will happen or who you’ll meet and what you’ll do. Life’s good! And I’m having a blast!

A couple in Joshua National Park

March 2, 2019 – Vancouver, Canada

I got asked how Joshua Tree was today. The answer: FREAKING MAGICAL! I’ve been dreaming about going here for a while and didn’t really know what to expect but it was sooo beyond expectation. It’s was like being in another world! –

Plus I got to meet the most awesome photographers and the most beautiful couples with just precious relationships. These two happen to be my new full-time travel friends ❤️

I decided to join this group last minute. They’ve been traveling around to the exact places I have already been but weeks later. I thought I wouldn’t be able to join them but as fate would have it one day matched my trip too. And so the incredible day of magic commenced. –

Yesterday I worked until 4:30am at Denny’s. Go see my story to see the 3am random-whole-restaurant dance party, even the kitchen and waitresses got in in the fun(though I didn’t get that on video 😂 My Friday night went from lame to rad!

Couple embacing on their wedding day in New Zealand

March, 9 2019 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

”Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

I love going through old photos and remember the moment it happened, the days surrounding it, my life at that time, who I was, who and what was important to me then. It brings me right back to that moment and I remember and feel all the emotions and thoughts I was having. –

That’s my favourite thing about photography: 1 photo can transport you right back to that time. A time you’ve long completely forgotten. You remember the forgotten.

A couple dancing on their winter wedding day in the mountains

March 13, 2019 – Argentina

Yesterday I picked up @chel7986 from the airport but getting there was quite the adventure. I headed out at 9:30 walking to the Metro. Took 2 metros and a long-distance train and then had to transfer to a bus. The trains were no problem but getting the bus was a bit of a challenge. First I had to find it: so using my limited Spanish I was able to find the stop after following a bus hoping I’d find a stop with no luck, and then seeing a bus stop and hoping it was the right one. But stops here sometimes have number and sometimes have none and sometimes they don’t have any markers at all it’s just a random spot that people wait. Lucky this time there was an actually bus stop and I asked the two people sitting there if this was where the 518 stopped. It was, YAY! But after 10 minutes no bus showed, after 20 nothing and at around 40 a bus came but because 3 busses had not come that bus was full and they wouldn’t stop. Another 20 minutes later and another bus came: full but the driver took pity on us and let us literally squeeze in. We were the last people let on for the next 20 stops. I was squeezed again against the front door and window. It was pretty amusing and I got a full view 😂

To top it off my pre paid phone plan ran out so I had no way to tell Chelsea that I was about an hour and a half late. She almost gave up on me. But luckily I made it just in time and we were united! –

After getting her a bus/transit card, exchanging money and organizing a couple other things we headed to the centre. We met a young German couple on the bus who were also in Chelseas plane and we got along super well. They are doing almost the same trip we are so we may meet up again! –

Last night we switched to a new place to stay and are now staying with the daughter of my grandma’s best friend. They have a lovely house in an area called Florida: so we also travels to Florida yesterday 😂😝

Today Chelsea slept in and I have been catching up on Journaling and with family. After she woke up we planned what we want to do, go to and see in the next 3 or so months. I’m so excited for all the things we’ll be up to, we’ve got quite the adventure planned! So stay tuned!

A woman standing in her van home

March 16, 2019 – Argentina

Today I was talking with @chel7986 about how I don’t believe in coincidences. I truly believe everything happens and everyone we meet is for a reason. For example, if Chelsea hadn’t moved to Vancouver and joined the Woman that wonder group we’d never have gone on a hike together, we’d never become friends and she wouldn’t be here in Argentina now. –

I see this in my life and others all the time. The best part about my work is all the people I meet and all of their stories I get to hear. And time and time again I see that if so and so wouldn’t have been dumped and heartbroken they wouldn’t have traveled to Europe and met their now husband. Or if so and so’s mom hadn’t passed away she wouldn’t have been reconnected with and old friends who would be her constant support, rock, bff and husband. –

Or if my relationship, that I thought was a future with kids and a future together, hadn’t ended I would never have thought about what I wanted my life to look like, that I wanted to travel more and that I didn’t need so much stuff. I would have never had the time or money to travel because I’d be going back to Europe every chance I got. And I wouldn’t have bought Phay(the Van in this photo) and have this incredible life I do now. –

So though in the moment it was devastating to lose the future I thought I had, I know it was meant to be. I learned so much from that relationship but it was only for a time so I could experience bigger and better things after. –

So remember the next time things aren’t going the way you want or thought they would have trust that something so much better is about to happen! –

Do you have any stories like that? Where if one thing hadn’t happened then something else wouldn’t have happened?

A couple embracing on a windy beach

March 18, 2019 – Argentina

Sometimes we take a moment for them to just be in each other’s presence. And sometimes these moments become beautifully emotional 😭 –

These two played the game of catch me if you can for a long time. Have you ever watched the movie flipped? Well their story reminds me of that movie. They spent 6 years going back and forth liking each other at different times and watching each other be in different relationships and the whole time being best friends. –

The only ones who didn’t know that they were meant to be was them. Everyone thought they were together the whole time. So much so when they announced they were together everyone responded “haven’t you guys been together for years?” 😂

But I think that they just weren’t ready for each other yet. They needed to live separate lives, have their hearts broken and learn some lessons. Now they are inseparable and honestly the sweetest pair!! I’m so happy for them!! They get married in June!

A couple on their wedding day in the snow

March 24, 2019 – Iguazu Waterfalls

Staying up until 2am talking and practicing Spanish with tons of laughter and jokes. –

Getting up early and climbing through the jungles to get to the river and going for an early morning swim. After your fingers have gone wrinkled you climb up the waterfall to the top. –

Then you go to the national park with a local you met at your hostel. 6 people pulled in a car and then wander threw the national park on the border of Brazil and Argentina seeing the giant waterfalls and the gorgeous rainforest for 5 hours. –

Then after a long day, you go back to the river for a sunset swim before supper. Admiring the sun glistening on the faves of the river as you see it go down in Paraguay and swim in the river that is between Brazil and Argentina. You climb up in the dark and think about the amazing day you just had. –

This is what traveling is all about. This is why I TRAVEL. This is why I’m self-employed so I can have more days like this. This is why I spend all my money on traveling. This is why I love life and want to live it to the absolute fullest. THIS IS LIVING!

A couple at sunset on a beach

April 20, 2019 – Arequipa, Peru

So for the last week:

We arrived in the beautiful city of La Paz and explored the mountainous city by gondola 🚡. Wow-what a city! –

We went to Lake Titicaca and saw the incredible floating islands. (Check out my story!) Exactly a week ago @chel7986 left on a bus to Lima where she hopped in a flight to Canada. 😭 –

I’ve hiked Machu Pichu and met the most incredible couple who I did a session with on the mountain. It was an incredible day finished with hot springs and an incredible dinner before I headed back to Cusco. –

Next, I got up at 2:30am and drive 2 hours and hiked 3 hours to Rainbow Mountain. The hike was refreshing, the view breathtaking and the temperature freezing. It was an incredible day. –

Now I’m in Arequipa. It’s finally getting warmer again and I’m so happy. Who knew South America would be so cold!🥶 I haven’t had less than jeans or closed shoes and sometimes I’ve even worn 3 layers! Definitely ready for fewer clothes and warmer weather! –

I’m also excited for more hiking! I’ll be doing a 3-day hike in the Colca canyon: the 2nd depends on the world. I’ve really been enjoying being out in nature and exploring: after 6 months of minimal to no exercise it’s been great getting active again.

April 28, 2019 – Ica, Peru

When I talked to Mj during her consult she told me about the health struggles she’s been going through. About the spot of cancer that had been found and the surgery she underwent that resulted in her needing an ileostomy bag(to allow her intestine to rest). She did all this while raising her beautiful little girl. This woman is badass! –

She also told me that her bag made her feel self-conscious and less attractive. So we were both determined to change that. –

But honestly, she killed her session. She has so much power in her: you can feel it radiating out of her. –

When she saw her photos after she said “wow the bag is barely noticeable. I can’t believe how good I look.” –

Yes girl! You’re hot! With or without the bag ❤️❤️ Keep that strength and joy going. You are someone so special 😍

Give our girl lots of love 💕

A couple at Machu Pichu

May 3, 2019 – Huacachina, Peru

After chatting up this gorgeous couple on Machu Pichu and loving what’s she was wearing I decided I wanted to shoot them. They said yes! –

She’s from Poland he’s from Russia but grew up in Canada and the US. They met in Norway at a friend’s wine and cheese night. They both moved there though they both had other options but something about Norway felt right. Well after 8 years together I think they’d agree it was meant to be! –

We spent 4 hours walking around and chatting on the mountain and then hiked down. We decided to go to the hot springs in the town of Machu Pichu called Agua Calientes(which literally means hot water). Then they invited me for an incredible dinner at the Treehouse restaurant(definitely check it out if you get the chance!). They even walked me to my train and we hugged goodbye. What an excellent day and what wonderful two humans. –

It’s always nerve-racking to go out of your way and do something unusual. But it’s so worth it every time! I love the people I get to meet and the stories I get to hear through my work! Even at 2,430 meters above sea level!

a woman standing in front of a plane before her flight over the Nazca Lines in Peru

May 7, 2019 – Nazca Lines, Peru

Hiya, it’s me: Laura. Smiling my heart out because I loved flying over the Nazca Lines in this 8 person plane a couple of days ago. –

So a lot of people have been confused about what I’m doing and what the heck I’m doing with my life so I want to take some time to clarify what’s going on 😝

🌵Dec 2018 I sold 80% of my belongings, let go of my apartment + moved into my GMC converted Van. It felt AMAZING. –

🌵I drove the western USA through Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah + Idaho + had the most incredible time. I met beautiful humans, did sessions + workshops along the way + had the time of my life. –

🌵March 2019 I parked my Van(Phay is her name) with a friend on the Sunshine Coast + hoped on a ✈️ to Buenos Aires for 4 months traveling through S. America. –

🌵It’s been 2 months + I’ve traveled through North Argentina 🇦🇷, went to the most incredible waterfalls + crossed over to Brazil at the Iguazú waterfalls. I traveled through Bolivia 🇧🇴 + then parted ways with my friend @chel7986 after a month together. I’m now in Peru 🇵🇪 + have had the best time. Including Machu Pichu, hiking rainbow mountain + the Colca canyon for 3 days, flying over the Nazca lines + now hanging out in the desert on Huacachina. –

🌵Now I plan to make my way to Ecuador 🇪🇨 where I’ll do some surfing + jungle exploration + more. Then I’ll head up to Columbia for another month before flying back to 🇨🇦 on July 3rd. –

🌵When I’m back I will spend 2+ months in BC mainly, for the wedding season, for the birth of my friends baby + sessions all over. A few road trips are planned. –

🌵September I head to the east + drive a loop through 🇨🇦/🇺🇸. Later I plan to work/live/travel in Europe 1/2 the time.

🌵I’m traveling full time + a full-time photographer, booking weddings + sessions. I just want to live my life to the fullest in every way. –

🌵My goal is to experience + see the most possible. I will do what excites me and drives me. I want to meet and connect with the best humans. While creating work wherever I go that connects people, tell the stories of the people in them and that inspires my best work. Be the best me possible.

a bride and groom embracing with British Columbia mountains and the ocean in the background in Squamish

May 7, 2019 – Paracas, Peru

” Your life is so amazing” “You’re so lucky!” “I wish I could do what you do” These are some of the comments and messages I get all the time. And my answer is: you can have a life like mine… My life is amazing because I choose to live my life this way. –

I choose every day, every month + every year to live my life to the absolute fullest. I choose to not live a mundane lifestyle. I choose daily to say yes more than no. I choose to listen to my soul and do what makes her fly. I choose to do things that scare me. I choose to not let fear control my life, to do things even if I’m scared. –

For years, I’ve chosen daily to go outside of my comfort zone. –

I choose my life and the way I live it. –

I can’t control what happens in my life, I can’t control who comes into my life. I can’t control if bad things will happen. But I can choose how I react, if I let life knock me down and I choose to see the positive in everything, to see the possibilities everywhere I go and to see the opportunities in every moment. –

And guess what? So can you. –

You have a choice every single day to live your life or to let life happen to you. –

Let me ask you: When was the last time you made a decision not because you had to because something or someone is forcing you to choose. But you chose to do something for you because it inspires, excites or drives you. Are you letting life just happen to you? Are you just surviving? Or are you living? Truly taking everything life has to offer and making the absolute most out of every situation? –

Seriously! Are you letting your life just go by without actively participating in it? Your intentions, ideas, dreams + actions matter EVERY SINGLE DAY! –

Today I want you to ask yourself: Is this the life I want? If I died tomorrow would I be okay with that? Would I be mostly happy with how I loved my life or would I have huge regrets? –

Do you wake up excited for the day? Are you full of life? Are you excited about the possibilities of today? –

Are you living a life you are proud of? What is one thing, if you could, that you’d like to change? Your job? Your partner? Your attitude? Your lack of inspiration? 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼••

A couple sitting in the sand dunes of Huacachina Ica Peru

May 8, 2019 – Peru

I met these two when Bo here stepped on my toes in our bus from Nazca to Huacachina 😂

We bumped into each other again because we were staying in the same hostel. So over drinks and BBQ, we got to know each other and eventually, I asked them if they wanted to do a session in the sand dunes. So freaking happy they said yes. It was the best! And it was very very sandy(sand EVERYWHERE, but so worth it!)

They are from Michigan and met again after high school through their friends. When their best friends started dating they asked them to keep each other company. Well, 8 years later they are still keeping each other company, all the way through a wedding of their own and now traveling through Peru together. And guess what their BFFS are still together and married too! How cool is that?! –

It was quite the mission to get to the top of this sand mountain. Thank goodness we started an hour and a half before sunset because it took us that long to climb up. Think of it this way 1 step up 2 steps down from sliding in the fine slippery sand. They hopped on their bus right after the session; hopefully they didn’t make the bus too sandy 😝😂 –

After an incredible 5 days in Huacachina I took a bus last night to Paracas. I’M FINALLY AT THE OCEAN AGAIN AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!! And nice and warm(not too warm not too cold!!) I’ll explore today and tomorrow. –

Tomorrow I’m off to Lima. So excited for all that’s planned!!

A woman sitting on a rock in front of a lake in British Columbia Canada

May 10, 2019 – Peru

Can I be honest for a second? –

Until about 4 days ago I was freaking out. What if I’m a fraud? What if I fail? What if I don’t make enough money? What if I run out of money? What if I don’t book any more weddings? What if I invest this huge amount of money into my education + travel and I regret it?

Yes, even I: who completely trust life and the path that I know is meant to be, struggling with my logical, calculating mind + my intuitive mind. On one side I know it’s gonna be okay and I’m the other I’m freaking out! What if… what if.. what if..?! –

But a couple of days ago this peace has come over me. It’s insane how calm I am. –

Until a couple of days ago I was getting down on myself for not winning awards, for not getting published or being widely recognized for my never-ending hard work: like so many of my friends + fellow creatives in the wedding industry. I had a fear I was missing out. That it’ll never happen for me. –

But one day I woke up + I knew everything would be okay. I all of a sudden am so excited for everyone’s success. I knew I’ll have my time, when it’s right. I knew that I’m glad I don’t have as many weddings this year as I want because now I get to do all the traveling this summer that I want: all while I have sessions in the coolest places all over British Columbia, Washington, The Yukon, Alaska + Alberta! I knew that my investments would be worth it + that I knew I’d be able to afford anything I need to progress. –

More than anything that this year is not for recognition, for getting published or doing the crazy dream weddings. But this year is about growth, about becoming the best possible photographers, person + business owner. It’s about learning, experiences, experimenting + seeing incredible places(+shooting in them). It’s about creating an inspired, heartfelt + beautiful collection of work to share with the world. It’s about inspiring others to go, work + thrive towards their dreams and aspersions. –

This year is the stepping stone(a colorful, fun + exciting step nonetheless) towards the rest of my life + career in this new lifestyle I’m creating for myself. My spidey senses are tingling + I know I got this😝

A woman laying in the street with short hair and rollerblades on

May 21, 2019 – Lima Peru

I don’t know who needs to hear this today but whatever you’re struggling with, whatever is hurting you, however bad, hopeless, frustrated you’re feeling. It will pass. You will feel better. Tomorrow will be a better day. –

When it’s raining it’s so hard to remember what it was like when the sun was shining and when the sun finally is out we take it for granted and forgotten what it’s like to feel wet and cold. –

Know the sun will shine again. And when it does don’t forget to be thankful ❤️

A naked woman walking down a dock with a misty mountain background in Canada

May 29, 2019 – Peru

Every single one of my girls walks into their Goddess Experience session nervous, unsure what to expect and feeling self-conscious. –

And every single one of my girls ends her session excited, smiling and full of energy. I call it “an hour of complements and being loved on” I spend the hour looking for your best qualities, getting to know your character, your quirks and teaching you how to love yourself by loving you first and showing you a new perspective. –

And every single one of my girls when looking at their slideshow during their ordering appointment says “Wow THATS ME?!” “You made me look so good” “Wow I love that one, and that one, ooooh and THAT ONE!” They all hug me and they all are so excited about the products they chose to display their images as a reminder to love themselves daily. –

The Goddess Experience is more than getting pretty pictures taken in a little number of clothes, it’s not for your partner(but you can always share) but it’s about an inner journey to loving the skin your in, to loving yourself: all of yourself even the parts you don’t like by focusing on the parts you do until they all become parts you love. Whether this session is the start to this journey, a continuing step or the finale to tie it all together: it’s a step that will help you not only now and during but also after the session is over by having a positive reminder that you are a powerful, strong and beautiful GODDESS inside first and the outside reflects. ❤️❤️

a woman in a mossy rain forest in british columbia canada

June 4, 2019 – Peru

Today I want you to choose joy. Here are 15 WAYS TO CHOOSE JOY:
⭐️Smile at every person you see today. ⭐️Hold a hug for 20 seconds
⭐️Pet a dog
⭐️Book that ticket
⭐️Hold hands with a person you care about
⭐️Buy a stranger coffee
⭐️Sing loudly in your car
⭐️Stay in the hot shower 5 extra minutes ⭐️Learn something new
⭐️People watch with curiosity ⭐️Read a book
⭐️Go for a walk
⭐️Call your mom/Dad/BFF
⭐️Tell someone you love how much you care about them ⭐️Order Dessert

Don’t forget that when it’s all said and done the little things are the big things. Those little moments are what you remember the most. That feeling of joy, of love and of pure life will stay with you beyond the moment. And who knows if you choose joy and happiness in every moment maybe you’ll have more joy than sadness more fun than pain and more love then hurt. –

Happy Tuesday my loves ❤️❤️

A naked woman sitting in the rain on a rock on nature

June 11, 2019 – Peru

Before you can LOVE anyone else in the right way, in a way that is healing and healthy you must first love YOURSELF. –

You must enjoy your own company, enjoy spending alone time and must love the person you are AT LEAST 75% of the time. No not every day but most days.

This is a journey that everyone must take and it’s different for every person. But it is vital if you want to have a vibrant life full of relationships that are enriching and where you are a blessing to the people around you. –

For me, it’s been a journey I started when I moved away from my small town in the north of BC, to a place where no one knew me. Where I could recreate myself without being held back by people who wouldn’t let me change. It was a day by day, minute by minute and experience by experience growth. I knew where I wanted to be and who I wanted to be. It took 4 years to learn to be the person I wanted to be and it took almost 8 years for me to truly fall in love with myself. –

The thing that really had a HUGE effect on me and launched my self-love was doing a Boudoir session with the talented @makaylamaddenphoto. Just the experience alone of having someone love on me for an hour, tell me all the good things about me and see me in loving eyes did wonders. But then seeing the photos: WOW. I was blown away. Who was this girl? I didn’t recognize her. I realized I’d never seen myself a feminine as beautiful or sexy. I’d never seen myself as a whole before. It was the first time I saw myself as everyone else did. I saw myself as special and unique. As for me. The true me. I needed to see myself from someone else’s perspective. –

Since then it’s been an ongoing growth I’ve worked on daily and I can say today that I truly love who I am inside and out. Not every day but most days. I like who I look at in the mirror. I love the parts of me I used to hate. And I’m learning to be kind to myself. –

But it all started when I saw myself from someone else’s eyes. –

I can do the same for you. It’s my mission to show women who they are truly. To show them that they are beautiful, strong and special. To show them what everyone else sees. Reach out today love + let me show you ❤️

a bride with her horse in the mountains

June 13, 2019 – Peru

The best thing about Elopements is that you can do anything you want on your day. You don’t have to worry about other people or putting on a show. You get to be who you both individually are and who you are as a couple. –

What and who do you love? Do that and include those people. Want to include your doggy or horse baby? Want to do your ceremony in the snow with a mountain background? Want to hike into the middle of no wear and go for a swim in a waterfall after your ceremony? Want to go to your favorites record or ice cream store? Want to have the best day with your best friends? Hell, you could even jump out of a plane and land into your ceremony! –

This day is to celebrate this next adventure in your life together! It’s about the two of you. Not your moms, not your friends and not your grandma. –

But what if we want to celebrate with your family and friends but want a private ceremony? –

Well, I have the perfect solution for that. Have your elopement day and then maybe a few weeks later or a month later or a year later do a fun, decorated dinner party with all your favourite people. Have amazing food, dance your heart out and have speeches if you want. That way everyone gets to celebrate with you but you also get a day that’s just your own. –

The best part of a day with no or very few other people there is that you can do private + personal vows without the nervousness of everyone watching. They are usually the most beautiful and emotional part of a wedding and if you don’t like a crowd this is the best way to do it! –

You can make your day anything you want. Stop looking at what they’ve done for 300 years and focus on what’s important to you. Who’s important and what makes your relationship special.

If you got married or you’ve already been married and had a second chance at a wedding. What would you do differently? Would you elope? If budget wasn’t important what would your absolute dream wedding day look like? Where would you do it? Who would be your photographer, videographer and what dress would you wear? Is there something you did because others told you to but you wish you wouldn’t have? Tell me your thoughts below 👇🏼👇🏼

a black woman laying on the moss ground with curly hair

June 15, 2019 – Peru

Just under 3 weeks before I come “home” to Canada and there are a few things I’m very excited about: –

🥰Wearing different clothes, after 3.5 months of the same 9 pieces of clothes you have no idea how I miss my clothes. 🥰Hugging @rahelulrich123@alexandraparodi + My little man, @dorieeeeeee and @utemohr + my dad. I miss my humans ❤️ 🥰Sleeping and adventuring in my Van again. I miss my home! 🥰And shooting! I’ve got so much planned for the summer including weddings, lots of incredible sessions and my beloved THE GODDESS EXPERIENCE: I’m so excited for the babes I already have booked on and excited to fill my books more!

a woman with a lot of tattoos smiling

June 24, 2019  – Montanita, Equador

HOLA ECUADOR 🇪🇨 It’s my 4th day here so let me share how my first days have been:

DAY 1: Crossed the border from Peru around 5pm after a 20-hour overnight bus. I grabbed some food, exchange my Soles to US dollars and hopped on a bus to Guayaquil. 5 hours and some later of beautiful lush green landscapes I arrive with no bus to continue on. So I make friends with a Swiss guy and we share an Uber to a hostel. –

DAY 2: Up early take two different buses to get to a small town just outside of Montañita, Ecuador. I haven’t had a proper meal in 2.5 days and I’m starving and sweating(finally!). I eat and relax before calling my parents. And find out that though it is warm here there is NO SUN HERE EITHER!! I make a friend at my lodge and we go out for dinner and dancing with a group of people. –

DAY 3: I let myself sleep in after not getting to bed until 2am. I make myself a glorious fruit-filled breakfast and spend the day doing nothing but relaxing, Netflix, food and a long walk on the beach. It was exactly what I needed. Some quiet introvert time. –

And today DAY 4: Today I went for a 5k run after a night of barely sleeping due to being eaten alive by mosquitoes and my brain not shutting off. I’m having a wonderful breakfast. And I am about to leave to go surfing for the next 2 hours. It’s gonna be a good day!

a bride and broom embracing with the sun coming from behind

July 7, 2019 – Chetwynd, Canada

YESTERDAY: What a day! I woke up at 5:30 to fly to the north of BC and then drove to the lake outside of the town I grew up in for 15 years. A small town called Chetwynd, BC. –

It was a stunning drive on the perfect day with just enough clouds and ☀️. @vadah_hartwig’s wedding took place at the side of the lake with the most beautiful view over the water(go see my Instagram story). –

The day was filled with many many tears(the best wedding days always so!), lots of love, people that cared so deeply for the bride + groom and lots of food + booze of course. –

The day included dance parties, beautiful golden hour lights, loud singing and ended with the couple(by their request) GOING IN THE LAKE WITH THEIR WEDDING CLOTHES. –

YES. It was as amazing as it sounds. So here enjoy a few sneak peeks and see the rest in my story!! ❤️ –

I am so lucky to do what I do and it wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful humans that hire me and couples who are up to do something different, relax and enjoy their days make it that much more fun! –

Thank you Vadah + Bobby for inviting me to be a part of your day. I wish you a life full of adventure, laughter and love. –

With all my love: Laura 😘

a girl with her converted camper van

July 15, 2019 – Sunshine Coast, Canada

PHAY(My Van) + I are back together again and it feels so good. –

I’ve been MIA for the last week oops 🙊 But after an incredible adventure over the week, I’m ready to get back into regular posting, working and being productive! –

So Phay and I picked up @rahelulrich123 last Tuesday morning and the 3 of us drive many hours to N.Cascade National Park. We arrive at 12:30 am and I was up at 3:45 am to shoot in the stunning mountain(watch my Instagram today to see me hush over them). –

Then we headed out to Olympic National Park and arrive in the evening to the cutest little town by ferry ⛴. The next morning I was up by 4:30 for a shoot on Ruby beach. It was the perfect morning and I can’t wait to share all my photos from this week. –

That night we drove to Seattle and arrived by Ferry, crashed immediately at 2am and finally slept in the next morning. It took us 3 hours and 4 different locations until we filled up my propane to cook and cool my fridge. Before we headed out to Yakima Washington to visit some of Rahel’s friends she met in Hawaii. –

We spend the weekend there and enjoyed the heat before we drove first thing yesterday morning back to Vancouver where I got to spend some time with my brother @i_dont_know_mang who I haven’t seen in over 6 months. –

Today was a clean and reorganize the Van day. I rearranged all my clothes to have my warm-weather clothes upfront and my cold-weather clothes in the back because FINALLY, I’m sweating my socks off. It’s finally summer and warm for me. I’m loving it. I will also we working today, editing so much, meeting up with my other BFF @parodi_alexandra and going to my girl @dorieeeeeee baby shower. –

This month is so packed full of a bazillion things I need and want to do but I’m so happy that through all of it I have my trusty Phay ❤️

a bride and groom walking on the rocky mountains

July 23, 2019 – Vancouver, Canada

Raise your hand if you’re an EXTRAVERT 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️? How about and INTROVERTED-EXTRAVERT?🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

So growing up I was always an extravert. The bubbling always up for anything loved all people person. But over the last 6 years or so partly due to spending a lot of time alone + also because I’ve built a career around being with so many people so often: I’ve developed my introverted part of me. –

I used to never want or need alone time I could go on forever + it wouldn’t effect me. Now though after extended periods of time with people or if I spend an intense amount of time with a person I need a few days after to decompress. I need time for me, away from everyone. It’s funny because I never had that before so I never had to make time for it + didn’t think I’d need it. –

But over the last 1.5 years I’ve come to realize how important it is for me. I’ve realized that some people are very draining on my energy, that I need to take time for myself to do things for myself + I need to disconnect every once and a while. –

I learned this hugely when I was in my relationship 1.5 years ago. We were long distance and I lived in his city for a month. I loved it + enjoyed myself thoroughly but in the end I started to not be myself. I was snappy, and grumpy + not feeling confident in myself, I didn’t feel good. I felt cloister phobic and didn’t trust myself or even like myself. It wasn’t until after we broke up that I realized that it was because my life for that month revolved around his family, his friends + his schedule. In my normal life I spend the majority of every day or a part of every day automatically alone, so I do things for myself automatically. I don’t think about it. But when I didn’t have control of my schedule + life + don’t make the effort to have me time I can’t be the best version of myself. –

This year has been all about getting to know myself. Understanding why I do things + why I react in certain ways. This was one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned. I can tell a difference in me and know when I need me time. I’m a more balanced person now.

a couple laughing together while embracing

Aug 6, 2019 – Vancouver Island, Canada

••What a crazy, busy, full long weekend. It involved 4 days of shooting a wedding, lots of sun, heat, hanging out with my bestie @rahelulrich123 (she came with me) and my couple got married ON STAGE at @sunfestcountry. It was pretty cool! –

Plus as a great way to top off the weekend, my MacBook Pro decided to die the last night. Luckily we had an awesome team of videographers on our team @sterlinglarose and his teammate was awesome and let me use their laptop to back up my photo(so the wedding is safe and sounds in 4 different places). Hopefully today @apple can fix my laptop. At least I could take a much needed day off yesterday). –

Tomorrow I take a 6 am flight to Lima for 8 days. I’m so excited to go back and hang out with some of my favorite humans.

a black and white photo of a woman sitting outstretched on a beach at sunset

Aug 11, 2019 – Lima, Peru


As I do every year I take this day to look over my last year and reminisce all that has happened. What a year I’ve had. So much has changed. I have changed. Where and how I live has changed. My business has changed. How I see the world has changed. All for the best. This year has been a season of so many changes and I’ve loved it. –

This self-portrait I took in Tofino reminds me of how this season is for me. –

I AM CALM about all that has been happening, I don’t worry like I used to, I trust life in a way I never did before. I have learned to stay calm when I can’t control things.

I AM HAPPY. Life makes me happy. My work makes me happy. Spending time with the right kind of people makes me happy. Spending time alone makes me happy. Happier than I have been in my whole life. Its been a journey and I’ve been loving it. –

I AM FREE: from all expectations. Free of how things should be. Free of judgment. Free from obligation. Free from fear. I am free because I set myself free. I decided I wanted to live life to the fullest, without being held back. I don’t let myself be held back by anything. Even myself.

I AM AT PEACE with all that has happened on my past, all that is happening currently + all that will happen. I am not hurt by past pains, I am not worried about the present + a have no fear of the future whatever it holds. –

I AM FULL OF LIFE. The kind of life that makes you feel alive. The kind where I wake up in the morning with a smile on my face + go to bed with a smile no matter what has happened during the day. The kind of life that doesn’t let little things phase you for more than a moment because you know it doesn’t matter + there is more to life. Life is bigger than so much. To know I’m alive and am healthy + have so much to live for, gives me life. –

I LOVE MYSELF. I have worked hard to love myself: NO MATTER WHAT. For years I’ve worked for this but this year has been for my growth. –

I AM GRATEFUL. For the life I get to live. My work + the humans I work with. All the people in my life + all the love + support they give me. Gratitude is what I feel for this year. I don’t take a thing for granted. ❤️


a bride and groom in prince rupert british columbia canada on a dock

Aug 12, 2019 – San Bartolo, Peru

Isn’t it crazy how quickly strangers can become the most important people in your life? It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve recently met some new humans that mean the world to me now and have within 3 weeks of meeting them. –

Yesterday they proclaimed that I’m an adopted part of the family and made me feel so special for my birthday. –

Who knew people in a country 7,000km away from my own country, that I met by chance through a spontaneous trip would be some of the most important people in my life. How crazy is that!? I’ve lived my whole life without them and now I couldn’t imagine my life without them. –

Life is crazy like that. When you think you know all you need and have all you need life says “Nope there’s more, you only know a fraction, just you wait and see”. –

So that’s what I do now. I don’t expect anything, I don’t let myself think I know everything. I let myself be surprised and be open to any and all possibilities. –

Life is so exciting this way ❤️

a naked woman posed on a wet beach with a reflection

Aug 14, 2019 – South America

This beautiful babe and I met and had a deep heart to heart where she opened up about her husband out of the blue asking for a divorce and how she’d been struggling with her self worth because of this. –

He had said such harsh things to her and it made have a hard time looking at herself in the mirror. She’d been broken. 😭

Hearing her story broke my heart for her. Here was this beautiful soul, a kind human. A person I’d just gotten to know but I could see her spirit, her joy her love and I could see how hurt she was. –

I knew I could help her see herself from a new perspective. I knew I wanted to light her fire again if I could. I wanted to love her is the best way I know-how. –

So we did her Goddess session on an early morning full of laughter and kind words. On the drive back I took the time to open her mind, give her all the love, support and encouragement I could. By the end of our trip, I could see her spirit was more lifted and she was seeing a whole world of possibilities instead of seeing her life being over. –

When she saw her photos she told me how glad she’s done them. That is was exactly what she needed and that it helped her in her fresh start at life. –

She’s rebuilding herself now. She’s getting back to work and using her beautiful creativity to empower others. She’s learned so much from this relationship and experience and knows better for next time. She will be stronger and better for this pain. This isn’t her end but the start to a better and a more authentic life. –

If you are like this beautiful Goddess and something unexpectedly tragic happens to you know that even though it hurts now your life isn’t over. In fact, it’s starting fresh with so much potential and opportunity. You will get through this and you will thrive after this. See the lessons in this experience, see what you can do differently and see the possibilities. You are worthy and beautiful even if you don’t feel like it right now. –

And just maybe a Goddess session could be a good step for your healing. Reach out if you need some love and encouragement. ❤️

a bride and groom hugging with British columbia mountains in the background in vancouver canada

Aug 22, 2019 – Vancouver, British Columbia

These two had a wedding filled with love. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a wedding that has so many supportive people there. –

There were so many colours. We laughed, there were many tears and many funny stories. It was a mixture of extraverts and introverts. And the day ended with a Murder mystery game. It was the best day full of the most wonderful people.

Thank you, Zeke and Elena, for asking me to be a part of your day ❤️

a bride and groom embracing with the ocean and Vancouver Mountains in the background

Aug 23, 2019 – British Columbia, Canada

These two were first introduced 11 years ago by a friend. They did not hit it off. 10 years later S was finally able to convince L to go out in a date with him. She gave him 30 minutes, that’s all he had. 20 minutes into that date S realized they had a 20-minute walk back to where she had to be and he felt like maybe she was warming up to him and giving him a real shot. –

Well after that date they pretty much became inseparable and fell so deeply and beautifully in love. Both finally able to be completely open, honest and truly themselves with each other. Anyone who knows them has no doubt that these two are meant for each other. –

Their wedding was the perfect day. Everything fell into place. They both looked so incredible. The weather was perfect. They had all the people who were important there. And in 45 days they planned the most beautiful, elegant and love-filled day I’ve ever seen. –

It’s been an honor getting to see your love @seandjimenez + @luccianajimenez. You inspire me with your joy, love and beautiful personalities. Thank you for asking me to be apart of your life and capture this next step in your life. ❤️

a bride and groom in a cowboy hat kissing after their ceremony

Aug 27, 2019 – Cowichan Lake, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Cowboy hats, country music, lots of dancing, black bandits, many happy tears and a ceremony on stage in front of many strangers who cried along with us all(I was sobbing behind the camera). It was a wedding weekend for the books! And it was exactly what this couple wanted and perfectly represented them and their relationship. –

This is how weddings should be. It doesn’t matter if it’s not the wedding that your best friend wants or your mom. As long as you love it and have a blast that’s all that matters! –

Now, these two are in Bali on a sailboat with their 3 girls on a family-moon. How incredible is that?! I think they do life right! –

Chris and @nicolechabros congratulations and thank you for choosing me to be apart of and capture your very unique and fun weekend full of love! ❤️

A woman hugging her husband from behind

Aug 28, 2019 – Alert Bay, Canada

These two incredible humans are my parents. They celebrated 25 years married this year and 30 years together. –

They have the most beautiful relationship and have been living the fullest life and both inspire me so deeply. –

They owned 4 business’ in Germany before they moved with little me to Canada. From downtown Munich into the deep north Canadian bush 6-12 hours away from civilization.

They bought a 1000 acre ranch where my brother, myself and many “adopted” children grew up(my parents took in a lot of teenagers who needed extra support or a new experience.) –

After many long cold winters and years of hard work they moved us to the coast where they bought a sailboat and eventually after @i_dont_know_mang and I moved out they sold their house and bought a house on an island. –

Currently, they live full time on a sailboat and live a very free and peaceful life on the West coast. –

Their love inspires me so much. One day I will write a blog post about their beautiful story about how they met and how it led them to now. But for now, I will share just a small part:

Growing up my parents were always very affectionate towards each other, they were independent and a strong team. They never hesitated to kiss in public and I noticed even as a kid that my parents were the only ones. And I loved that. When I moved out they went through a huge translation as many couples who when they have to get to know each other without children. They struggled but made it through stronger than ever before. It makes my heart so happy and makes me want to cry of joy when I see how so much deeper in love they are now. They play like teenagers, they talk for hours, they are together more than ever before and they hold such love for one another. It’s truly special and it’s what I strive for one day. –

I don’t know who or where I’d be without them. I don’t want to imagine it. Though I rarely see my parents these days I always feel connected to them. I love the relationship our family has even though we are all 1000’s of kilometers away from each other. –

I love you guys so much. Thank you for showing us what love is ❤️ Happy Anniversary

a black and white photo of a groom smiling at his new wife

Aug 29, 2019 – Kelowna, Canada

A few special moments from Gilbert + @apandadawn Wedding: –

❤️The entire bridal party was barefooted. –

❤️All the 7 bridesmaids were Amanda’s sisters(she is one of 10 kids). Her sisters serenaded her with “baby there ain’t no mountain high enough
Ain’t no valley low enough
Ain’t no river wide enough
To keep me from getting to you babe…” –

❤️G + A spoke and signed their vows as Gilbert’s parents are deaf. They also had a translator for the ceremony so the family could watch. And when the married couple walked down the isle they signed “I love you” to them 🤟🏼 –

❤️The best man’s speech “It wasn’t love at first sight but love at first sign.” Amanda had been learning sign language for years before she met Gilbert and when he found out she spoke he was hooked. He also started to learn German which Amanda has also been learning for years. –

❤️They got married at a beautiful ranch owned by a friend. It was an incredible location with a stunning log house on it. –

❤️When I took them away for sunset photos the two showed me their incredible dance moves. –

❤️Speeches and dancing by candle and twinkle lights. –

Thank you for having me capture your day. It was truly special with so much love 💕 –

Congratulations loves 🥰🙈

A black man with his asian girlfriend in Belgium

Sept 7, 2019 – Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

These two beautiful humans are engaged!!!! 🤭🤭 And they’re having a baby!!!!! 🙀🙀😻😻I’m only a tiny bit excited. They are gonna make such a gorgeous baby, don’t you think?

He is from Cuba and moved to Spain her family is from Asia and she grew up in Belgium. They met in Spain and went long distance for a while until @disneygonzalez moved to Brussels where I met the two of them on a metro train. She learned Spanish for him and he is learning French for her. Their baby is gonna be trilingual, maybe even quad lingual? Isn’t that the coolest thing? –

Yeah I like them a lot and love that they are taking these huge steps together since we met just under a year ago. They are so funny together. It’s one of the reasons I started talking to them. They were too cute! I love the love they have for each other and the jokes they play on each other. –

@hg_anabelle told me that their session with me helped her reconnect with him and helped them get through a really rough spot that they almost didn’t make it through. I am so honoured to have met them and to have been a little part of helping them find happiness with each other again and now look at them ❤️❤️

I can’t wait to meet with them again somewhere in the world. They are super special humans and I have a special place in my heart for them. Congratulations you two!! ❤️

a mom and son hugging with colourful flowers in the background

Sept 13, 2019 – New Westminster, Canada

THESE TWO hold my heart tight. They mean the world to me. –

I am so happy we got to spend so much quality time with them while I was in Vancouver before I headed off for another 4 months until we see each other again. –

I took some photos of Andrè and his family before his birthday party last week and I’m sooo happy I did. He’s growing up so fast and I want to document him as often as possible. –

This boy stole my heart the second he was born and I’d literally die for him. He has shown me how deeply I can love a human being and how much I can care and worry for one. –

It’s been two years since the last time we took photos WAYYYY TOOOO LONG! It’s will NOT happen again. Right @alexandraparodi? –

I love you guys ❤️ See you in December 😘

A woman sitting on her converted van in banff canada with mountains in the background

Sept 14, 2019 – Banff, Canada

The last 4 days were incredible. @paragonmakeup and I spent every day exploring and shooting each other(Meagan is pretty good at it for a non-pro). –

We drove all the way from Vancouver to Calgary and then back to Banff. We arrived late and spent the whole next day planning for our elopement. Finding the vendors and organizing the timeline. It was stressful but when it all came together it felt so good. That evening after working in a coffee shop in Canmore explored and shot each other at both Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. It was magical and so beautiful and freaking colddddd! 🥶

Thursday morning we got up early again and headed back to Canmore for Meagan’s Goddess session and I even decided to get in front of the camera again. And before we headed out I had Meagan take some photos of me and Phay. –

I realized that I don’t show Phay enough here so I am changing that. If you’re new to following me this is my Van Phaydra and she’s my home. We have been all the way down to Arizona, up to Northern BC all over Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast and now all the way to Calgary. –

We are in Nelson BC visiting my brother @i_dont_know_mang until tomorrow. (I just enjoyed my first bath in 2 years while he and @melissatanya97 are at work 🥰). The drive here was so beautiful under the full moon 🌕 last night(also Friday 13th). Did you get to enjoy the beautiful night too? –

Our next journey starts tomorrow morning and we’re off to Yellow Stone National Park in Wyoming. It’s one of our stops on the way to Chicago, Detroit and Toronto(where I am taking a flight to Europe for 3 weeks). I love all the adventures we get to have together and the freedom I have by living in her. –

Stay tuned we’ve got so much more to show you very soon. I am planning a project and have some big goals that I will be implementing very soon. I’m working hard to catch up on this summers crazy workload: aka editing the 20+ session and 3 weddings in the cue. Then I can go full force in the huge plans for my business. Can’t wait to share ❤️

a bride and groom laughing and hugging in tofino Canada

Sept 15, 2019 – Golden, British Columbia, Canada


This very second. Not when you finish school, or when you baby is a certain age or when you meet someone.

Take it all in because this is it! It’s passing you by and you’re missing it! You are waiting for your life to start but it’s happening right this second. –

So start living it. Start being an active participant and stop sitting on my sidelines waiting for someone or something to pull you in. –

Because guess what?! When you’re living your best life and living it to the fullest that’s when you’ll find the best partner for you, that’s how your kids will see how to live life right and they’ll be happy because you are, that’s when you do your best work and learn the most when you’re motivated and fighting to keep the life you love so much. –

Let me say it again. –

Your life is now. This very second. Not when you finish school, or when your baby is a certain age or when you meet someone. Now go start living it. ❤️ Don’t survive but thrive.

a naked girl by a waterfall in british columbia

Sept 16, 2019 – Nelson, Canada

Today I head to the USA 🇺🇸 to visit Montana, Yellow Stone + Grand Tetons National Park then drive over to Chicago and Detroit. –

I fly to Europe next weekend where I’m headed to Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Paris, Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Ireland. I’m looking to shoot in all those locations so if you know any couples please connect them with me! –

Yesterday I booked my flights to Bali, Australia 🇦🇺 and Peru 🇵🇪. I’m so excited. I may even go to Columbia or Patagonia too. Stay tuned. –

I’m so excited for what’s to come and what happening right now. –

Today I semi announced that I’m changing my business to focus more on intimate weddings and elopement(and The Goddess Experience of course). My goal is to help couple create their greatest adventure on their wedding day, to help them have a unique and special to them wedding. It’s not about anyone else but the couple. So now that’s my focus. Couples should be so excited to plan and enjoy their day.
No part of it should be stressful. So stay tuned as more things are coming and changes are happening.

Yesterday I edited 6 sessions and 1 elopement. Finally getting through my massive list. Soon I’ll@be able to focus more on developing and growing Little Mohr Photographer to the next level! Sooo excited and feeling so inspired ❤️

A van parker in a snowy mountain pass

Sept 30, 2019 – Zaragoza, Spain

One thing about the #vanlife is when you leave your van you’re always worried about it. –

I’ve been having such a wonderful time in Europe and not worried at all know she’s safe in a park and fly in Toronto. It has 24-hour security and outside parking(which I need because Phay is 9ft tall and doesn’t fit in any underground or garage parking). And the kicker is I got a killer deal by booking before I got there and by using the app called WAY were you get great deals on movie tickets, parking, food and so much more all over North America simply by buying through their app. I only paid $100 for 3 weeks of parking. Nothing beats that! –

It been sooo wonderful being back in Europe especially Germany, I’ve been having all my favorite food I’ve been missing, see some of my favorite people and enjoying their gorgeous fall weather. –

Tomorrow we explore Munich, go to Octoberfest and take an overnight bus to Paris. Excited for every minute. –

Now I’m off to bed way too late again(as it’s 1am here now.) G. night my loves ❤️❤️

a non traditional bride and groom dancing in the dessert

Oct 4, 2019 – Munich, Germany

Wow-what a crazy and amazing week. I’ve been to 5 countries this week:

Saturday Switzerland 🇨🇭 for 7 hours, then a bus to the Lake of Constance, Germany 🇩🇪 to see Constance, Radolfzell and the small town my mom used to live in and a spent my summers. –

Sunday a bus to Munich in the afternoon and spend 2.5 days there. Spent some wonderful quality time with my grandparent and some of my other favorite humans @mariemenzel @menzelvroni. And of course, went to Oktoberfest for a few hours before we got on an overnight bus. –

Wednesday early morning we arrived to París France 🇫🇷 for the whole day. I explored the City and froze a little. –

Thursday 4:30 we headed to the airport and flew to Denmark 🇩🇰(country number 27 yay! 😝) where we had the day to explore the city and today I shot an intimate wedding/elopement. It was a long and beautiful day which such wonderful humans. –

And now I just got off of my 45-minute bus from the airport and am standing in front of Milan, Italy 🇮🇹 central station. It’s 2:30 am and in all honesty, I have no idea where or if I will sleep before my 6 am train tomorrow to the north of Italy to meet up with @arisringas!! So I’m off to hunt for a 24-hour cafe, a couch or a bed. We’ll see how this goes!

a bride and groom hugging on their wedding day in costa rica

Oct 7, 2019 – Dolomites, Italy

”There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” I choose the latter. –

This quote by Albert Einstein is what I base my life on a daily basis. I see miracles everywhere. In the beauty, I get to admire in all the places I travel, in the kind people I meet, in the joy that still exists in the world despite all the terrible things + by how things never happen without reason. –

This trip I’ve been on was planned in March for a very different reason. When I met someone who was doing a similar trip I decided to adjust my trip + it was the best decision I could have made. –

This trip has been full of miracles. Connections with the most wonderful people, the most gorgeous days: sunsets, sunrises + fall weather imaginable, says full of awe + laughter + spontaneous adventures. + now being in Stockholm for @wayupnorth conference after buying the tickets only last week when I realized this was happening at the same time I was here. –

You see I make goals or dreams in my mind all the time + no long after I make a point of being intentional about those do opportunities present themselves to allow me to do + achieve those exact goals:

I’ve been wanting to learn Spanish fluently for years + I’ve wanted a relationship that wouldn’t limit my lifestyle but would enhance it + I met a wonderful human who has helped me with both of those goals. We just finished traveling together for the last two weeks + I’ve never been so close to someone + had such a good time traveling with another person ever. In the last, almost 5 months since we’ve met my Spanish has improved exponentially. That’s a miracle❤️

I decided to change my business + do more adventure-based work + where I travel to the most incredible places in the world with beautiful souls. I went to the Dolomites a place that I’ve dreamt about forever. I have never created work I’ve loved so much, ever. That’s a miracle❤️

I’ve also been wanting to make international relationships. Along comes @wayupnorth where I get to meet creatives from all over the world. That’s a miracle❤️

Little parts that bring your dreams together

a woman and her vanlife home

Oct 16, 2019 – Toronto, Ontario

Phay and I have been reunited for 2.5 days now and it feels so good. Feels great to sleep in my bed, to be able to reach my fridge from my bed and always have breakfast in bed 😂😉

Last night there was a crazy rain and thunderstorm and Phay and I got a little shaken up but honestly, I loved it. I love the sound of rain on her roof and love being cozy and watching a storm roll through. Do you love storms too? 👇🏼

Today and tomorrow I’m taking some time off to recuperate and get reinspired before I jump headfirst into my new project and plans for my business. I want to go in it with my mind in the right space and fully inspired and excited. I can’t wait to get started and to show you all what I’ve been working on. –

I plan to do some pampering, hiking and exploring here in the Toronto area. It’s my first time in the eastern part of Canada and I can’t wait to explore and shoot in these incredible fall colours 😍🍁🍂

a bride and groom paddling in a canoe in banff canada

Oct 22, 2019 – Ottawa, Canada

A canoe ride with the love of your life? Not a terrible background either 😝

If you didn’t have to work and money wasn’t an issue and you had free time. What would you do with your love? Where would you go? What have you always dreamt about doing? When you think of the perfect day ever what does it look like? –

Now take that day add the two of you looking spiffy, add some flowers, add some vows and add a rings exchange(or maybe tattoo them on? 🤔😍 And there you have it. That’s your wedding day!

Now you might ask where do we start planning something like this NO ONE WE KNOW HAS EVER DONE THIS BEFORE. Well, that’s where I come in. I help with the brainstorming, inspiration, logistics, finding the right vendors, permits, Airbnb’s, help you find flights and so many more things. All you have to do is dream and contact me and I’ll help you through all the rest. –

Ready to take the next step in your adventure with your life long bff by having the adventure of a lifetime? Let’s craft a day perfectly suited for you and your love ❤️ It’s going to be epic, beautiful, fun and full of so much love and support. –

Just like this day that started with @asheepaul getting her hair and makeup done by @paragonmakeup, continued by a canoe trip 🛶 on a turquoise river with @banffcanoeclub. Her dress was from @lovenotebride in Calgary and the flowers by Banff’s very own @banffflowers ❤️. I highly recommend each of these wonderful companies for the day when you get married.•• #banffelopement #banffelopementphotographer #explorebanff #explorealberta @explorecanada #explorecanada

a banff wedding photographer sitting at lake louise

Oct 26, 2019 – Montreal, Canada

Me taking life not too seriously and just enjoying the ride and the journey. –

So much has changed for me especially in the last year or so. The way I see the world, my career, and life, the dreams and goals I have are so much bigger than ever before. –

My life isn’t by accident and the joy I have isn’t a coincidence. Every day I take a step forward. I decided to make the most of it. It’s one yes at a time and the right kinds of no’s. It’s being open to new ideas and not stressing about what might happen. It’s going with the flow of life rather than fighting the current. It’s deciding to live life to the fullest and living it out every day. –

I get to live this life because I didn’t let my fear hold me back. Because I said yes more than no. Because I trusted my gut and subconscious. Because I made space for quiet and thought. Those are the times when the best idea and revelations come to me. And it’s letting go of what I should do and what’s supposed to be done and instead letting inspiration and motivation guide me. And it’s a heck of a lot of work. But it’s work that excites me because step by step I get to do things that are fun and give life. Each step gets me closer to my goals and dreams.

Want to know another secret? I don’t think my goals will make me happier. I don’t have goals because I’m unhappy with where I am. I’ve first learned to love exactly where I am. To appreciate every stage in my life and to have fun and love every day. My goals are a new stage, not my happiness. –

Because nothing and no one will make you happy. Not a certain $€£ that your making, not a new job or the best clients or locations or a relationship. Unless you know how to be happy in the moment because of nothing, you’ll never be satisfied or happy. You will always want more.

So set goals, be excited for the future. BUT learn to be happy now. Learn to be content and grateful for every part. Learn to have fun in whatever stage you’re in. And enjoy the journey. Because as clique as it sounds life’s all about the journey, not the destination.

This is from my trip to Banff with @paragonmakeup. What a fun week we had. ❤️

a girl enjoying the fall mountains weather in banff canada

Oct 29, 2019 – Prince Edward Island, Canada

Joy. That is the aim. To change your focus from the negative to the positive parts of yourself. To learn and grow to love yourself again. –

Just like negativity is taught and learned so can positivity and love be taught and learned.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of shame&insecurity being what women usually feel about their bodies. Let’s celebrate our bodies in all it’s amazing shapes, sizes, and colours!

Who’s with me??

So today I challenge you to comment below three things you love about yourself and tag a friend and tell them something amazing about them. It can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, something they do… it doesn’t matter.

Now, I want you to wake up every morning, look at yourself in the mirror, and choose three things you love about yourself. This action will cause positive pathways in your brain, which is so important. If you practice this every morning for at least a week and longer, I promise you will see a change in the way you feel about yourself, talk about yourself, and think about yourself.

This is something I have been doing for many years and continue to do it consciously and it’s crazy how my inner voice has changed and has become a voice of strength. We tend to hate ourselves and hate how we look, and so we tend to think of those things and say those things to ourselves. Let’s change that. Let’s look in the mirror and see things that we love about ourselves and not what we hate about ourselves.

I challenge you. I challenge you to say positive things about yourself and those around you. Make it a habit and let’s watch body positivity shift in our minds and in our world!

a double exposure of a couple kissing and a couple dancing on a dock in the dolomites

Oct 31, 2019 – Newfoundland, Canada

Connection. That’s the goal for me. For a couple to connect with each other in a deeper level. To walk away from a session or a wedding day at a new level of connection with each other. Life gets so busy and we forget to appreciate the best people in our lives. So for one day or for a few hours, my one goal is for you to remember why you love them. I create a calm, a moment, an opportunity and the space to reconnect. –

The best part of doing all this in nature is that the world is so beautiful and when you’re in awe and asking “how is this real?! How do I get to be here?!” You really quickly are extremely thankful for your life. –

Life is so incredible. Especially when you don’t take it for granted. Create time in your life to appreciate the people around you. Make space to love on your people. I’d love to help you do that ❤️ –

This adventure couple session in the Italian mountains bright and early was insane and full of so many awestruck moments. Every minute I was saying out loud “HOW IS THIS REAL?! How do I get to be here doing this for a living?! The lack of sleep was soooo freaking worth it!!!

a bride and groom embracing in the dolomites of italy on their elopement

Nov 4, 2019 – New Brunswick, Canada

This day was a dream come true. I have never felt so in my element, never so alive yet also like I was dreaming because it didn’t feel like this incredible place was actually real and I was there. I slept less than 10 hours in 3 days and it was ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! –

I felt so inspired and motivated. The wind was intense and it was so cold. But I didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. I have never been so present in my life. –

This is it. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to meet beautiful humans and take them into the world’s most epic, breathtaking destination for their wedding day. I want them to feel the most alive and present and joy ever, on their wedding day. I want them to be cold, and be in the windiest place but not rather be anywhere else. I want to help couples connect with each other and to nature. To have a once in a lifetime moment together.

My goal is to make their wedding day their best day ever. For them to be completely present, at peace and overflowing of joy. I want them to be relaxed, have time to be spontaneous and adventurous. To have the space to be emotional and intentional about every part of their day. –

Do you want to make your wedding day the most incredible adventure? Do you want to feel alive? Do you want it to be designed especially just for you? A unique day that none of your friends or family have done? –

Contact me and let’s start dreaming. And I’ll start planning and organizing your unique adventurous wedding day.

a a photo of a girl dancing in the loft garden oasis in vancouver canada

Nov 11, 2019 – Nova Scotia, Canada

Swipe to the last photo to see me dance 💃🏼 all over the @loft_garden_oasis space. Thanks,@paragonmakeup for hanging out with me in this beautiful space and taking this video and photos of me ❤️

I LOVE dancing. It’s something I’ve done my whole life. I grew up in a household of music. My mom plays the fiddle, my dad learned to play the guitar for us when we were kids. On weekends I’d wake up to my mom blasting @celinedion and waffle smells. It’s was the best.

I figure skated for 6 years and loved it. I miss it so much now. Dancing is something I do on a daily basis. I dance while driving(upper body dancing), I dance in the grocery store when a great song comes on and I’ll dance down the street when I’m walking somewhere. I don’t care who’s watching. –

On bad days I used to go for walks blasting music and dance on the quiet street pretending I was in a dance movie like Step it up. I’d dance all over the street, in walls, cars and on the ground. No shame. –

I’ve always wanted to dance to be more of my life. Over the last year and a half, it’s becoming something I’m falling more in love with. Who knows maybe you’ll see me dance more on here.

a couple having fun on a beach in Ontario canada

Nov 14, 2019 – Quebec, Canada

It’s been a CRAZY week. A lot didn’t go as planned. –

On Saturday I tried to cross the board to the USA to drive to New York for my flight on Wednesday to Bali. Well after many questions, being help for 4 hours, my van being ransacked, freezing, starving + feeling like a criminal, I was denied entry into the USA. –

It was a rough day. I wasn’t scared because I knew they couldn’t really do anything other than ban me from the USA(worst possible scenario for life). But it was the waiting + the helplessness I felt + the intensity of it all. After 4 hours they finally let me leave. I cried for 2 hours to my mom who thankful woke up(she’s in Europe so it was the middle of the night). –

I went to bed as soon as I could park and slept for 15 hours(I never do that, I must have been really drained). After a call with my dad and a few more hours of sleep(my head still hurt), I started driving the 12.5-hour trip back to Toronto. I tried to figure out what I should do. Should I try to fly to New York + make my original flight but risk going through all that over again? Should I just drive to Vancouver and go be with people I love(I’m over this traveling thing)? Or should I buy a new flight from Toronto and go to Bali anyways? –

Well after a day and a half to recover and my mom convincing me it was worth it to get a new ticket after I’d already spent so much in the workshops I was supposed to go to. I decided to get a new ticket. –

After surviving -15 in the Van with no heat overnight(it was freaking freezing 🥶). And then major snowfall and ice. I made it to Toronto yesterday. Today when checking in online I realized I had misread my ticket and I was leaving Friday at 1:15 AM not PM. So I’ve spent the day today getting all the last minute things done. –

Now I am currently walking to the plane and I’m on way to Bali. Only a 16 hours flight, 4-hour layover and another 5-hour flight away. I’m sooo excited. I’ve been talking with a few attendees who will come a couple of days before the workshop that starts next week and we’ll be meeting up before. –

Until then I’ll be surfing, doing yoga and working. It will be nice to be in one place for a bit. ✌🏼

an adventurous bride and groom in the italian alps with headlamps at dusk

Nov 17, 2019 – Ontario, Canada

My favourite part of eloping, especially hiking or adventure elopements. If the night or the early morning. When it’s dark and peaceful. When you get to see the moon 🌙 and all the stars ✨ . When it’s quiet and calm and you’re just present. When you’re the only people for km’s and km’s. It’s so special!

I especially adore the moment in between dark and light. Dusk or dawn. When you can just see the details. When the sky is bright and the land is dark. –

There are so many incredible things about eloping. But this is one of my favorites ❤️

Do you have a favourite? Or something that’s drawing you to eloping? I’d love to here it! 👇🏼 Also what questions do you have? What makes you unsure if eloping is for you?

a couple getting married on banff in a field with the mountains in the background

Nov 20, 2019 – Bali, Indonesia

I had a plan for this week. I made a schedule and planned each day out for most productivity. I had planned to relaunch today actually. But this first week in Bali did NOT GO AS PLANNED. –

Monday I woke up at 5:30 and went to Yoga, I had a yummy smoothie bowl for breakfast and then had a 2.5 hour surf lesson then went amazing. I stood up almost every time and controlled the board. It went so well my instructor suggested I switch to a small board the next day(this is huge because in surfing you start with a huge board and work your way down to a shorter and small board). I was so excited to move to the next stage in surfing. Well, no such luck. –

I realize I had burned my legs, I didn’t think it was bad and immediately put aloe Vera and lotion on it but as the time passed it got redder and more painful. To the point that I couldn’t sit, walk or lay down. My plans to work for the rest of the day were not possible. –

I’ve spent the last 3 days lotioning my legs every 2 hours and spending all my time in my room because clothes were too painful to wear and the only comfy position was to lay on my stomach(which is my least comfortable position). I couldn’t use the blanket even though I was freezing(yes ever at 31 degrees because all my body temperature went into my legs which were burning up.)

I spent 6 hours between 2 days standing waist-deep in the pool to cool off my legs with my thick sweater on because I was so cold 🥶. –

So, to say the least, I was out of commission for the last 3 days and haven’t been able to work. Yesterday I went out for the first time and went out for lunch with a pal who is in Bali too and I had to stand for most of our lunch because even with soft pillows it hurt too much to sit 😂. –

Today my Bali workshop starts and I’m so excited to meet everyone and also excited that the burn has gone way down overnight so I’ll be able to wear clothes again but still not sit. But slowly and steadily it’s healing. –

All the things that have gone against my plans the last 2 weeks have reminded me that plans may not go as planned but there’s usually a reason. This time it was to be able to rest and doing nothing. Which I needed.

a couple on their honeymoon have a shower in their bungalow in Bali

Nov 23, 2019 – Ubud, Bali

Starting this trip with a burn so bad I couldn’t sit until yesterday definitely makes today feel extra amazing. But wow this Airbnb(@camayabali) had the most incredible view. I think it would be the most amazing location for a honeymoon or the night of the day you get married. Or even better the place you wake up and get ready for your adventure elopement in Bali 🌿

This beautiful couple just eloped 8 months ago and are now traveling around Bali for the next week. It was so wonderful getting to photograph these beauties.

I’m excited to see what the rest of Bali has in store. It’s been so stunning and also very warm(30+). I’ve gotten used to it but after this session, I was definitely dripping in sweat 💦(Too much information?😂). More swearing and beauty to come. Stay tuned!

a couple in the honeymoon dancing at a waterfall in Bali

Nov 24, 2019 – Bali, Indonesia

Getting to this waterfall was just as much a fun adventure as the waterfall itself. We drive 2 hours, each of us rode on the back of our own scooter 🛵 down some tiny roads and then took a thousand VERY steep steps. The original waterfall we planned to go to was way overcrowded so we went to another one down the trail and it turned out to be the better one. –

The locals are so helpful and kind. They want to show you all the best things and are full of so much love. I am falling in love with this island and the experiences. I can’t wait to come back and see and explore more of this island and the other islands of Indonesia 🇮🇩. –

Imagine your wedding day experience being filled with beautiful lush green rainforests, waterfalls, treehouse open wall huts with incredible views and black sand beaches then Bali is the place you to elope. I’d love to plan, adventure with you and document the whole experience. Can’t wait to start planning with you ❤️

a couple wandering through the Bali rice terraces

Nov 25, 2019 – Ubud, Bali

More than the beautiful photos or location eloping is so special because it allows you the space and time and intimacy to be completely present. To connect to your partner, to what the moment means, to the future you are promising and to your emotions. –

There’s no production. Worrying about what people think, making others happy or having family or friend drama. There’s no stress, no rush only joy, love, time, spontaneity and full support. –

It’s a day hanging out with your closest humans. Of being loved unconditionally by them. Of spending the day exactly how you want. Doing all the best things to make your day unique and epic.

Want to start the new stage in your life intentionally? With love? With joy, laughter and connection to your partner? With an adventure? Then eloping is for you!

And I’ll be there to help make it all as easy, carefree, fun and intentional as possible. Helping the planning process, the day and reliving it a fun and beautiful experience. –

Where might you elope? Does any country call you? A certain environment or activity? A certain season?

a bride and groom walking on a bali beach at sunset

Nov 26, 2019 – Denpasar, Bali

What could your elopement day be filled with? Anything you want. But let me inspire you a little. –

This day we spent the afternoon at a beach club with incredible food + drink, swimming and sunning before driving to a different part of the island to wandered a coconut tree🌴 forest, wandered the jungle a little, enjoyed the black sand beach, swung on a swing overlooking the gorgeous sunset and finished by going to a super yummy restaurant in Seminyak.

It was a super amazing and full day. We were all so tired and so happy. –

Your day start to finish can be filled with all your favourite activities with only the people you chose. Maybe part of the day is only for the two of you and part is with your favourite humans. –

Whatever you decide to do and whoever you decide to include be very intentional. Don’t do a single thing just because others did or want it. Do only what perfectly suits you and is unique to your relationship and joys. A day designed specifically for you is what I dream for create and document for you.

a couple getting married in bali in front of a waterfall

Dec 1, 2019 – Gold Coast, Australia

So I’m in Australia 🇦🇺 now. Fun fact about me I’ve travels all over the world but never anywhere that has poisonous ☠️ animals. During my overnight flight here I had a nightmare about seeing snakes 🐍 everywhere. In the dream, I saw red ones and black ones and even got bit by two and had to get anti-venom. We even saw a giant snake come down the road.

This is to say that I’ve very vividly experienced the worst so anything less than that will be okay hahaha 😂

Today we’re exploring the forest. I’m nervous and excited. Wish me luck 😂

a groom getting dressed in nature for his elopement

Dec 3, 2019 – Byron Bay, Australia

Hiking boots over heels? Enjoying a breathtaking view with hot chocolate in hand over an open bar that you’re paying for? Your first dance under the northern lights over disco lights in a ballroom?

If you said yes to one or all of these then eloping is for you! Especially in the Northern hemisphere in locations like Iceland, Norway, Northern Canada and the Dolomites of Italy.

Start the next phase of your lives with an adventure. Start it by being completely present and with all the time and space to be completely yourselves with each other enjoying some of the world’s phenomenons together.

a woman with her van in the mountains of banff canada

Dec 5, 2019 – Sydney, Australia

A year ago I bought this beautiful, 1989 GMC Vandura, my beloved Phay. I cannot believe how much has changed since then. –

I’ve made her my own and she truly feels like a home. I’ve left her and worried about her. I’ve added my own style and character. We’ve driven from Vancouver to Arizona up to Oregon and down to California and back. We’ve ventured 12 hours into Northern British Columbia. We’ve crossed the continents and went to the farthest eastern tip of North America. We have survived snowstorms, rainstorms, thunderstorms, crazy insane wind storms, and insane heat. –

She has been the reason for a whole new way of life and for my business to completely change(seriously it doesn’t even look like the same business anymore). She was the start for so much. For a new way that I dream to live my life. For the freedom I have now, physically, mentally and emotionally. I don’t plan things the way I did or expect life to work out the way I think. I am so fluid now, which enables me to go with the flow and take everything one step at a time. I say yes faster and no more strategically. I am open to all possibilities and am not scared of what the future hold. I am more trusting of life than I ever have been.

I love being a nomad. I’m still perfecting it and learning how to be efficient and productive with my work and schedule but slowly it is getting better. This is just the beginning. I have so much exciting stuff planned for this coming year I’m excited to see how it all develops and comes to fruition. I know it will all be different then I think and want but I know it will be way better then I can imagine, no matter what happens.

Here’s to another year Phaydra ❤️

a black couple embracing at sunset in prince edward island canada

Dec 19, 2019 – Vancouver, Canada

From +38 to -28 with wind chill was a hard transition. I went from non-stop sweating in Bali to always freezing during my drive across Canada 🇨🇦.

Over the last week, I drove 4200km. I drove every day for 6 days. I’d be in the road 8-11 hours a day.

I learned a lot. How to drive in ice and snow-covered roads. How to find places to plug in at night so I didn’t freeze to death in my sleep. I found out which provinces have the cheapest gas(when you fill up 100L every 600km it matters) BTW it’s Manitoba. I learned that you need a different windshield wiper fluid otherwise it freezes to your window so you can’t see anything.

During my drive, I had many hiccups including my battery dying overnight due to the cold and having to get a new one and a new windshield wiper fluid pump. Getting new windshield wipers, getting a heater to heat at night while I’m plugged in. Hitting super icy roads and having to call 911 because someone slid and slipped off the road onto their roof. Snowstorms, wind storms and all sorts of crazy weather.

While driving I had lots of time to think and remembered that Iceland’s roads are heated by geothermal waters and I wished that was the case in Canada too.

Overall it was an intense, cold, sometimes terrifying, learning-filled, beautiful and victorious 6 days. I’ve figured out a lot of things I need to change, update and add to the van for my next winter adventure.

I’ve experienced so much in the last 4 months and am so glad to be back in Vancouver. Thankful for the warmth, for my family that’s here now and seeing my amazing friends. I’m enjoying these next 14 days until my next adventure. Can you guess where I’m off to next? Hint: Phay is staying here.

a bride and groom in bali for their elopement by a waterfall

Dec 19, 2019 – British Columbia, Canada

Today my whole family is in town: My parents @utemohr, my brother @i_dont_know_mang with his wonderful girlfriend @melissatanya97 and my bff aka sister @rahelulrich123. It’s the first time we’re all together in a year!

Tonight is our Christmas dinner. We always do it early and meet in a central location because my mom who is a nurse usually works Christmas 🎄. We’ll be having a west coast style Christmas with rain and sea food 😍

It’s so good to have most of my favourite humans all in the same place and to get to hug them. I love each of them so dearly and miss them so much when I travel. I can do what I do because of my incredible family who supports me and cheers me on every step of the way. I couldn’t be who I am without them.

a couple embracing in a rainy vancouver wedding day

Dec 23, 2019 – Fraser Valley, Canada

John + @phoreall got married on Friday and it was a wet but such a beautiful day. They have such a supportive and loving family and friends group. Everyone was so full of joy for these two.

Phoebe was friend-zoned by John when they first met and she was so supported as a friend. John said in his vows that when he found out how amazing Phoebe is he said to himself that whoever marries this incredible human will be so lucky. Now he considers himself showered with luck ❤️

They have such adventurous hearts between going to Tofino to surf any chance they can to riding their bikes to a wedding on Vancouver island or traveling together they have an incredible and adventurous life in front of them!

Here is a little sneak peek from their wedding. See more in my story! Do you love adventure too? Would you love an adventure-filled day for your wedding day? Would you like to be surrounded by nature when you get married?

a couple exploring a waterfall in Bali

Dec 24, 2019 – British Columbia, Canada

Imagine exploring a new place with the one you love. Trying new things and having the time of your life. For 1,2 or maybe 3 days you live your life to the absolute fullest. You’re completely present, spontaneous and carefree. Now imagine that being your wedding day(s). And having every moment, experience, emotion, memory and adventure captured to relive and remind you of the life you want to live together.

You have adventures the day before and after your wedding day where you wear normal clothes and then you wear your wedding attire all day long while you explore and adventure together or maybe you love your clothes so much you wear them all three days or maybe you have different badass wedding attire to wear each day. Whatever you decide to wear or do is completely unique to you. Your wedding day will look and feel nothing like anyone else’s.

I help you plan a day or multiple days filled with all the activities and things that you love and/or have always wanted to do. I help make the planning just as fun and as exciting as the day itself for both of you.

Let’s have a once in a lifetime experience and I’ll plan it all with you. I can’t wait to plan your unique day. The day that you promise to love each other for the rest of your lives. It should be as unique as you ❤️

a bride and broom hugging with banff anf rocky mountains in the background

Dec 26, 2019 – Canada, North America

Did you get engaged over Christmas? Are you starting to dream up your wedding day+how you want to enter into this new stage of life together? I’m here to tell you that ITS👏🏼YOUR👏🏼DAY+YOU👏🏼CAN👏🏼DO👏🏼ANYTHING👏🏼YOU👏🏼WANT.

Do you want to do something unique? Do you want your day to be about you more than a big show? Do you want to enter your marriage with a beautiful, intentional+meaningful celebration +debt free?

Did you know the average couple spends 30k on their wedding? And most of them don’t enjoy the planning or even the day. Do you know how many people tell me they wish they’d done a smaller wedding, which they’d been more thoughtful about what was really important to them+spent less money on things they didn’t want?

If you’re dreaming of a big wedding or a small wedding or eloping somewhere epic with just your love please just make sure it’s what you two+only you want. Make sure you think about every detail with intention. Ask yourself is thing activity meaningful to us? Do we even like this? Are we excited to have this be a part of our day? Are we both excited for every single element of this day?

The same goes for your guest list: Is this person going to be 100% loving, support us+help make our day so special? Will this person make everything about them? Will they be an attention seeker+cause drama? NO👏🏼ONE👏🏼HAS👏🏼THE👏🏼RIGHT👏🏼TO👏🏼BE👏🏼AT👏🏼YOUR👏🏼WEDDING!

So what I recommend to you is to sit down with your fiancé on a date night+decide how you want your day to FEELS LIKE. What are 2-3 most important things to you? What things are not important or less?

If you decide to have a private or small ceremony it doesn’t mean you have to exclude your family+friends. Maybe have a few at your ceremony and/or have a big party to celebrate your marriage+spend your day with only doing exactly what you want. Have an incredible adventure+say “I Do” in a way that is meaningful to you, that helps you remember what really matters and starts your marriage out in the right way.

Look for inspiration is @junebugweddings they have the best ideas. Get inspired first+then start planning.

A woman dancing in Banff and the rocky mountains

Dec 28, 2019 – Lima, Peru

I figure skated for 6 years. (This is me 😝)And now still love to dance any chance I get. Doesn’t matter if I’m in the shower, in the grocery store or during a shoot or wedding. You’ll see me dancing and I don’t care who’s watching 😝 Sometimes I embarrass my friends in public because of my random dancing moments. Would you be embarrassed? –

I love being spontaneous and in the moment. I love making women feel incredible in their own skin(I haven’t always been this confident in my own body). And I looove to have deep connections with other humans and to help couples connect with each other.

Besides the dancing, all these things are why I love what I do. I love planning and designing unique elopement or special intimate wedding days for couples. I love capturing the bond between humans, the connections they have. It’s my mission to help humans have once in a lifetime experiences. To inspire people to love their lives to the fullest and be so intentional about how they live their lives. Because at the end of all of this money and things won’t matter. Only the relationships we build and the experiences we create in life will be left behind. –

I can Guarantee on your death bed you won’t wish that you worked harder or made more money. You’ll wish you took time to connect more with your humans and that you had more moments and experience that made you feel alive. You’ll wish you didn’t waste your time and money on things that aren’t truly important.

So please as you go into this new decade make sure you enter it with the mindset that you want to LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST + to create a life that you love 95% of the time. Quit your job and do what you love. Spend quality time with your loved ones. Put your phone down more. Be present. Work smarter not harder. Be kind. Learn to do something that excites you. Have passion. Be love and be life. Stop surviving and start LIVING!! ❤️

At least that’s what my inner and life goals are. What are some of yours? What’s one thing you want to change in this new decade?

a couple on their honeymoon in the peru sand dunes in Ica

Dec 31, 2019 – Peru, South America

2019 WHAT A YEAR ❤️ It was nothing like I wanted + better then I thought possible.

This year I planned very little and went with the flow more than ever before. I traveled more than in my whole life, in fact I was in Canada for 4.5 months total.

This year I achieved a goal I wasn’t sure was possible: I finally speak Spanish to an intermediate level not fluent but getting there.

I traveled to 16 countries and hit 29 in my total count. Countries that stand out were Argentina where I went to the Iguazú falls, Peru where I’ve made life long friends, The Italian Dolomites where I felt the most alive in my whole life + Bali where I learned what real heat + tropical beauty is.

I drove more than ever in my life about 32,000 km. I crossed North America West to East + back in deep winter. I learned to drive in the craziest road conditions + how to stay alive in a van. I learned about solar power, batteries, power, propane, my engine + Soo much more.

I flew in 33 planes this year, took 20 trains, + 33 ferries.

Don’t think it was all amazing: I seriously struggled with my career + what I wanted to do + where it would go after I uprooted everything. It wasn’t until September that I finally felt passion, drive, excitement + motivation again with knowing where my business was going. It was so hard. I got food poisoning in Peru, missed so many ferries, had to rebook 4 flights due to things out of my control, I over acidified my body and couldn’t eat anything but soup for 14 days while I went to 3 weddings + couldn’t eat anything 😭. I bought a surfboard I love so much + couldn’t take it with me due to the airline so $$ out the window after one use. I froze for 5 days straight because my van didn’t have enough heat for -30 even though I was wearing a winter jacket + two blankets on my lap and gloves while driving with full blast heat. I cried so much this year from misunderstandings, from frustration, exhaustion + of joy and love. –

This year was full of so much. It’s hard to put to words. I guess the best way is to say it was unforgettable. I think it is the start of so many bigger things coming. 2020 let’s do this, I’m ready.


ANNNNDDDD That’s it! My 2019 and how it intertwined with my love, passion, travels and all the things I’ve learned.


Thank you for reading.

Thank you for being my client, friend, cheerleader, fellow traveler, family and/or follower. I couldn’t do any of this without you!

Here’s to the best year yet! I have such good feelings about 2020!

Go build your dream life this year. It is in your power and I know you can do it! I hope to continue to encourage and inspire you to be the best version of yourself, to live your life intentionally and be deeply happy. You got this ❤️



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